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Oct 23, 2008 05:08 PM

Where to find challah?

I'm searching for good challah... And mourning the loss of Diamond Bakery (I ate their challah every single week of my pregnancy!). Can anyone recommend a good challah? I live in West Roxbury, and work in Wellesley, so anywhere close to me, or in between, is ideal. Cheryl Ann's makes good challah, but it's far too sweet for me. I got a loaf from Whole Foods, but it was just ok, and too big and round - I want a braided loaf.


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  1. I agree about Cheryl Ann's...although it is nice for french toast. How about Rosenfeld's in Newton Center? I've never tried their challah, but I see it there on Fridays and it looks quite nice.

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    1. re: Science Chick

      I love Rosenfeld's Challah. Delicious. I like Cheryl Ann's, but hubby thinks it's too sweet, too.

    2. Wilson's Farm in Lexington makes good challah, but that is probably out of your way....

      1. Kupels Bakery In Brookline has excellent Challah. It's Kosher too.

        1. Clear Flour in Brookline makes an excellent challah. It's available after 10 a.m. on Fridays. It's braided and available plain or with sesame seeds or poppy seeds. I also liked the challah from Blue Frog bakery in JP.

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            I agree, excellent challah. Friends of ours live near Clear Flour and they always buy their Challah for Shabbat dinners.

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              Depends on your taste. I live near Clear Flour and love almost everything they make, but I find their challah a bit too firm & dry. I agree Cheryl Ann's is way too sweet. I used to love Zeppy's but they don't sell retail any more, so my fallback now is Kupel's.

          2. Good recs already.
            Just to let you know that the round challah is seasonal, for the New Year and related holidays. The braided ones are back by now.