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Where to find challah?

I'm searching for good challah... And mourning the loss of Diamond Bakery (I ate their challah every single week of my pregnancy!). Can anyone recommend a good challah? I live in West Roxbury, and work in Wellesley, so anywhere close to me, or in between, is ideal. Cheryl Ann's makes good challah, but it's far too sweet for me. I got a loaf from Whole Foods, but it was just ok, and too big and round - I want a braided loaf.


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  1. I agree about Cheryl Ann's...although it is nice for french toast. How about Rosenfeld's in Newton Center? I've never tried their challah, but I see it there on Fridays and it looks quite nice.

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      I love Rosenfeld's Challah. Delicious. I like Cheryl Ann's, but hubby thinks it's too sweet, too.

    2. Wilson's Farm in Lexington makes good challah, but that is probably out of your way....

      1. Kupels Bakery In Brookline has excellent Challah. It's Kosher too.

        1. Clear Flour in Brookline makes an excellent challah. It's available after 10 a.m. on Fridays. It's braided and available plain or with sesame seeds or poppy seeds. I also liked the challah from Blue Frog bakery in JP.

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            I agree, excellent challah. Friends of ours live near Clear Flour and they always buy their Challah for Shabbat dinners.

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              Depends on your taste. I live near Clear Flour and love almost everything they make, but I find their challah a bit too firm & dry. I agree Cheryl Ann's is way too sweet. I used to love Zeppy's but they don't sell retail any more, so my fallback now is Kupel's.

          2. Good recs already.
            Just to let you know that the round challah is seasonal, for the New Year and related holidays. The braided ones are back by now.

            1. Quebrada in Wellesly makes challah on certain days of the week- call and they will tell you when or look online. It is braided but not traditional as it has some whole wheat flour in it. I prefer Cheryl Ann's which BTW is sold at Dewars Butcher Shop in Wellesley (too bad you don;t like it but it is great toasted). The Cheese Shop in Wellesley sometimes carries an excellent challah which is not as sweet as Cheryl Ann's- not sure where they get it but it is quite good.

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                  I third Rosenfelds... tiny store on the days they have it, crowded with racks of challah... you might call before going.

                  Rosenfeld Bagel Co
                  1280 Centre St, Newton, MA

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                    I also prefer Rosenfeld's for challah, particularly the whole wheat challah.

                    I used to get my challah from Quebrada when I worked in the Metrowest area. Quebrada is located in Wellesley.

              1. Blackers Bakeshop in Newton is the best challah i've ever had by far. But i've never been to Rosenfeld's...

                1. I had some really excellent Challah bread recently from the Hi-Rise Bread Co. in Cambridge. Highly recommended.

                  BTW - I also tried a new product from them - a panettone, an Italian sweet bread with candied fruits. It was good but needed more candied fruit and was more cake like than bread like. If you buy one, let me recommend that you eat it with Marscapone cheese!

                  208 Concord Ave
                  Cambridge, MA 02138-1335
                  Phone: (617) 876-8766

                  1. Thanks for all of your replies! Per the recs, I got some challah at Rosenfeld's, and it was DELICIOUS. I used most of it for an egg/bread souffle, which was appreciably better than when I made it with the challah from Whole Foods. Now I'll have to go on a challah taste test...

                    Thanks again --

                    1. have it shipped to you from Barney Greengrass down in NYC. get a bobka while you are at it.

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                        Challah should be eaten fresh. Ordering on line just does NOT do the trick.

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                          I often ship myself to BG. Yes, it's expensive, but it's so much like the places from my childhood, I can't resist. And, I'm proud to say, my progeny chose it for the site for his college graduation celebratory luncheon!

                        2. Another vote for Kupel's in Brookline. Consistently good Challah.

                          1. Ohlin's in Belmont is VERY hit or miss, but their Challah, when the have it, it actually pretty darned good. I just et some for dinner.

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                              Absolutely not Kupels (only their cream cheese is worth buying, not any of their bread and certainly not their nasty, margarine tasting pastry) - Clear Flour makes an excellent challah. Cheryl Anne's is good though a little sweet for me. My friends like Quebrada(?) in Wellesley but I haven't tasted it yet so can't confirm.