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Oct 23, 2008 04:39 PM

Benito's Hat, Goodge St, London


Has anyone been here? It's a small Mexican burrito place which is surprisingly authentic

I actually tried this place out awhile ago after many rave reviews and loved it, the use of fresh ingredients and the simplicity of ordering. You have a choice of meats - beef, pork and chicken (I think?) you then add an array of typical burrito type fillings. I think it was a little bit better then Mucho Mas in Islington, which is also good. They also do salads which i may go back and try.

The Mexican limeade was delich - really zest and sharp!

Another good Mexican to add to London's growing list. Green and Red off Brick Lane is still my favourite Mexican in London.

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  1. was in waterloo today and picked up a couple of tostados from a stall at the top of lower marsh. Best I've had in London. He said he's just started, he'll be there from wedneday to friday for the time being. They were three for a fiver. Anyone works nearby, I recommend.

    1. I tried Benito's Hat the other week and agree that the quality of ingredients and fast, simple service were all bonuses. However bear in mind that it is really a "fast" food place (although reasonably healthy) so if you want to linger over your meal with a bit more atmosphere try somewhere like Crazy Homies in Notting Hill. The downside though is that you pay more. I must admit that I have not been to Green and Red.

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      1. re: Gourmet Chick

        I had high hopes for Benito's Hat and had read many of the glowing reviews but I wasn't thrilled with it. I've been twice - had tacos and a burrito and was underwhelmed by both. The amount of filling was stingy and I felt like a pig for having to ask for more, but come on the taco should be filled! Also, the chicken had a cinnamon flavor to it which really turned me off . I much prefer Mexicali's burritos but wish they could incorporate Benito's ambiance.

        1. re: kusainlondon

          Wow, that was the opposite for me; my burrito was so stuffed it was almost falling apart. I hope it isn't a case of getting complacent now they're popular.

          I want to try Tortilla and Chilango and see how they compare.

          1. re: kusainlondon

            I also was also disappointed with Benito's Hat after all the glowing reviews. The pork filling was quite bland. I much prefer Chilango and Tortilla (in order of preference).

            1. re: kusainlondon

              Agree with kusainlondon. My wife and I had burritos at Benito's hat. The serving we both got was so stingy, both of us actually laughed about it. It was mainly a lettuce burrito with some pork flavoring.
              So far Chilango has been the best one I've tried.

              Although I noticed that a Chipotle is due to open on Charing Cross Rd. That should be interesting. They're a chain in the US where they are generally well-regarded.

              1. re: r.vacapinta

                really disliked benito's hat.
                poncho no. 8 near spitalfields was pretty good, i went 2 days in a row. I normally only get vegetarian style burritos so don't hold me to the poncho's rec.

                i was weirdly excited when i saw that chipotle sign on charring cross it's okay but.. it's a mcdonalds burrito for all intents and purposes. i'm rarely in town so i guess i know i have a burrito alternative, besides the abysmal calimex in sogo

                1. re: bvorono

                  Benito's Hat is awful crap.

                  If Chipotle in the US is a 10, Chilango gets an 8, and Benito's Hat gets a 1.

                  Chipotle is amazing -- aside from an ownership interest, there is nothing McDonaldy about it. I doubt you've tried it if you don't like it, bvorono...!

          2. Also v disappointed with the dry, tasteless pork burrito I got from Benito's Hat today. Chilango nr Angel is my favorite so far in London, and El Burrito on Charlotte Place is not bad. I don't understand Chipotle bashers out there - the pork is always highly seasoned, the cilantro rice is lovely, and the meat is humanely sourced. Plus there is always such turnover that the food is always fresh. Chilango is pretty good but lacks the punch of Chipotle's seasonings.