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Thanksgiving in New Orleans -- help!

Any ideas where a party of 6 could eat on turkey day? So far the only places I've found that will be open are Bayona (can't take a party that big) and Luke (German for Thanksgiving? not sure about that...) Everyplace else I've tried will be closed. I don't want to eat in our hotel dining room....

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  1. I would see if Luke has a TDay menu before writing it off...and it is not an all German menu even if they are serving the regular menu.

    You may also check with the Westin Canal Place to see if they are doing a TDay brunch. The view is spectacular up there.

    1. We ate at Commander's last year. It was great. Better call em now though.

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        We'll be at Commander's at 1:30. My dad ate there last year and just had to go back. While I would much prefer my father's home cooking, I'll take Commander's.

      2. Tujaques is great place to go for Thanksgiving.

        1. Palace Cafe has a great Thanksgiving Menu (with options for kids as well).

          1. We did Ralph's on the Park last year for Thanksgiving. It was great and although it was full we had no problem getting a last minute reservation. You should consult www.nomenu.com for the most up to date info on who is open that day.

            1. I'm a server at Cafe Giovanni (117 Decatur) and we're having a Thanksgiving Day buffet for $45 per person, $12.95 for children, from noon to 3pm. We'd love for you all to join us. Please call 504-529-2154 to make a reservation. Here's the website for more info www.cafegiovanni.com.

              Last year Chef Duke kept the buffet open a half hour after the restaurant closed so the staff could have Thanksgiving Day dinner together. I do not say this lightly... It was the BEST Thanksgiving Day dinner I've ever had, minus the family. Of course a large part of Thanksgiving is being with one's family but at least I was with my friends. Anyway the food was absolutely delicious. The turkey and gravy were so wonderfully moist and flavorful, the filet was perfectly cooked med-med rare but my favorites were the shrimp and mirliton dressing and the hot pasta bar. I still think about the shrimp and mirliton dressing/stuffing. It was totally different from any dressing I've had before. The hot pasta bar was made to order with whatever I chose to "throw in". All the items available are displayed and a chef prepares it for you with whatever type of sauce you choose for him to make. It was a perfect portion so you get to try all of the items available on the buffet without being overwhelmed by a huge bowl of pasta. Mrs. Nell makes outstanding cakes, mini cheesecakes, cannolis, and petit fours for dessert.

              My family members aren't chefs but I've had excellent T-Day meals over the years Last year at the restaurant was certainly the best. Good luck with wherever you choose.


              1. www.nomenu.com/Thanksgiving

                List of places open. Better hurry, though. Some of them are full already.

                1. Here is a link to the NO Convention and Visitors Bureau's list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day:


                  1. If you wanted to do a more "we're from New Orleans" Thanksgiving tradition:
                    the New Orleans Fairgrounds- watching the ponies and eating turkey is long standing tradition. Food is variable but the whole atmosphere is just great. Lot's of fun - some
                    groups meet up each year for this. You need to make reservations now for this.

                    Also Southern/Grambling Classic is that weekend, so FQtr will be jammed for Fri/Sat for it. Lot's of folks just avoid the F Qtr and CBD over Thanksgiving because of the crowds.

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                    1. Bayona won't take a party of 6? On Thanksgiving? Wow. So a couple with two children would have to choose between including the kids or including Grandma and Grandpa. Well, maybe they are on to something . . . .

                      I've eaten at Luke numerous times. The menu is more Alsatian than German (doesn't really strike me as German at all, save an item or two), but it's not even really Alsatian when you look at it as a whole. (I had a softshell crab sandwich there once and mussells/frites the last time I was there.) So don't be scared off by those references. No doubt you will be able to get Thanksgiving-esque food on T-Day.

                      I have done holiday brunches at Westin, at Intercontinental, and a few other FQ hotels: I don't recommend it. We have always been disappointed, even at those where we had enjoyed brunch on a non-holiday.

                      I am not a big fan of Tujaque's, but have friends who love good food and go every Thanksgiving and love it, swear by it.