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Oct 23, 2008 04:10 PM

Substitute for Verjus?

I'm planning to make Suzanne Goin's Pancetta Wrapped Trout this weekend which is accompanied by a verjus sauce. It seems there must be some mysterious run on verjus in my city because all the stores I've called are out of stock.

The recipe calls for the verjus to be simmered along with some red grapes and shallots, then pureed with cold butter and lemon juice.

Can anyone suggest a substitute? I won't have time to mail order!

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  1. Well, I substitute verjus for dry white wine, so if you have no objections to it, how about dry white wine?

    1. Vermouth, white vinegar, lemon juice, and white wine are all good substitutes. Verjus is essentially a very young white wine without the alcohol. Sounds like a lovely recipe. I'd go with either a vermouth or a very young and rather astringent white wine.

      1. use wine. you won't get the same acidity but a beurre blanc should work ok in your recipe.

        1. portuguese vinho verde

          1. vergus is a bit sweet compared w/ above suggestions. i would use a dry white w/ a tiny bit bit of dark fruity honey to make up the difference