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Oct 23, 2008 04:04 PM

Need some good beers that go with BBQ

I am in charge of my halloween party at work, so I decided that our food will be JR's BBQ in Culver City. Weare having pork, beef and chicken. What would be a good beer to have with this food? I am not a drinker at all and I would like to get something good. Can you guys give me some examples? Thanks for all your help.

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  1. Since this is the L.A. board, I'll try to help you find local shops to buy beer. If you want discussion of beer styles, you should ask for that on the Beer board.

    Pilsener: clean, crisp lager with a malty roundness, and a sharp hit of hops. I like Warsteiner as my go-to pilsener, although Pilsner Urquell is also a good choice. Both available at a Trader Joe's near you.

    Some of the darker beers like porters and stouts go well with the Q. Roasted barley flavors that border on bitter have a nice contrast with sweet BBQ sauces. I like the porters and stouts from Stone Brewing. These are available at BevMo, Whole Foods, and other fine beer shops.

    Myself, I'm a hop head, so I like India pale ales (IPA) and Extra Special Bitter (ESB). The ones from Anderson Valley Brewing are exceptional. Their Hop Ottin IPA is super heavy on both aroma and bittering hops, and it stands up really well to any spicy, big flavored bbq. Also available at Trader Joe's, BevMo and Whole Foods.

    Personally, I've tried JR's, and I wouldn't call their food especially smoky, nor their sauces especially spicy. I'd probably lean toward the pilseners because the IPA's would overpower the light flavors of the meat.

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      And lagers . . . they usually taste even lighter than pilsners so they won't upstage the food. Foster's is a good lager (in my opinion), and it's not as strong as Urquell, or Heineken or Grolsch.
      SORRY, meant for this to follow the PILSNERS suggestion but I seem to have replied in the wrong spot -- feel free to edit, if anyone knows how.

    2. I'd stick to the pilsners, like Urquell. The heavy and spicy flavors of bbq pair well with a bright crisp cold beer.

      1. Go to the Boneyard Bistro's website - aka
        They have very good bbq food, and more importantly, have an equally good beer list - see what Aaron selected, and shop accordingly. Not everything will go equally well, but you will get a sense of at least some items that will.
        The boneyard's ribs and beers are one of the true marriages in the restaurant scene today, unless of course you would rather have a glass/bottle of wine, in which case it still qualifies!
        Aaron really understands marrying food with beer and wine.

        1. Bbq is a complex yet simple grub, I would recommend a brew that equals that. Considering that you are not a drinker, a molson or white shark should complement your halloween meal nicely, they are light with a slight hint of sweetness, ahhh beer, the nectar of gods


          1. Personally, I'd like cold Bock beer but you should just keep it simple. It's work.

            Tall-neck lagers, pilsner style. American (read: Bud, Michelob) or Mexican (Corona, Tecate) standbys—just make sure they're ICE-COLD. I add the Mexicans because for some reason people feel okay putting a lime in those (awesome and preferable for BBQ) but not with the American beers...not that there's much of a difference in them. Drop a lime in a PBR and you'll see. We're played by marketing, I guess.