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SD cravings

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There are those special things in certain restaurants, trucks, etc that you just have to have sometimes. Today it's a hot Santa Ana and I had to have the chicken noodle soup with the wide noodles from Saffron. Yes, I was sweating while eating it, but it was GLORIOUS!
What are some of your SD cravings?

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  1. At the moment, the salad nicoise from Tender Greens or any bun from Phoung Trang.

    1. Pho from Saigon. Yeah, Josh, I know it's not up to your standards ; )

      Carne Asada Burritos, mostly from a 'bertos- not up to Kare Raisu standards. Or anyone else's.

      Chorizo con huevo from Cuatros Milpas, not up to DD standards.

      Mary's donuts. Everybody likes them!

      Grab 'n Go Italian Village Special without peps

      Chicken Pot Pie from Waters

      Lamb Doner from Kabab Shop, yes I know about the place around the corner.

      Bison burger with 1000 island from Longhorn. With a draft Bud.

      Mixed Seafood Pad Thai from Lotus Thai on Market street (it's close by, OK?)

      Deluxe Manakeesh from Mamas

      Pistachio Gelato from Papaleccos

      An oldie- don't even know if they have it anymore: Chicken in clay pot from Laurel's heyday

      BBQ Oysters from Tony's Seafood in Tomales Bay (oops, not San Diego)

      Carpaccio from Montanas. Oh, and I crave Montanas. Very sad.

      Fried Chicken from the place on El Cajon Blvd near Winona

      1. The cheese board at Nine-Ten. Even more unhealthy, but just as delicious, the chicken croquetas at Costa Brava. Perfect when swilled with sangria.

        1. gobo root salad from Okan
          green papaya salad from Sab e Lee
          chirashi bowl from Izakaya Sakura
          omakase from Kaito
          mashed potato tacos or beef taquitos in spicy beef broth from Mama Testa's
          pomme frites w/ 3 dips from Cafe Chloe
          double happiness bowl from Mission Coffee Cup
          frozen yogurt w/ mochi from Yogurt World or Yogurt Lounge
          pho with tripe, tendon and brisket from Pho Ca Dao or Pho Hoa Cali
          ceviche from Latin Chef
          chicken katsu don bowl from Chopstix
          any cheese from Venissimo
          corn, strawberries and tomatoes from Chino Farms
          berry or tropical fruit buckles from Elizabethan Desserts
          hot dog from Costco
          candied tangerine, chocolate mousse and madeline dessert from Cavaillon
          any chocolates from Chuao
          shrikand puri and dry potato curry from Surati Farsan Mart

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            I second the pomme frite from CC. Really? Costco hot dog? Never tried it, may be a new adventure in my future.

            1. re: foodiechick

              Costco hot dog is pretty basic. All beef frank on a soft bun. Dump as much spicy mustard, onions, relish and/or ketchup as you want on it. Nothing fancy, nothing adventurous but good when you want something salty. :-)

              1. re: daantaat

                You know you can ask for saurkraut at the window...it tastes good on the Polish dog...

          2. Charcuterie plate at The Lodge at Torrey Pines, Seared Pork Belly with warm frisee salad at the Better Half, Huevos Ranchero with Chipotle Ranchero sauce at...my house.

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              Mmmmm, the pork belly. I second that. Must. have. now.

            2. Spicy chicken sandwich on jalapeno bread w/ a cup of pureed spinach soup and chocolate oatmeal cookie from Chez Nous

              1. Consomee and Pancita tacos and huitlacoche quesadillas at Aqui es Texcoco
                Green Chilaquiles at Super Cocina
                Menudo at Don Vicente
                Pozole at Cenaduria
                Hayashi Chuka at Izakaya Sakura
                Banh mi Dac Biet at Cafe Dore
                Buche tacos at Tacos El Paisa
                Tamales from Tamales Ancira
                Blood Sausage [morcilla] with a Spanish beer at Costa Brava
                Tejuino at Honey Bananas
                Anything at Mariscos Godoy
                Soft shell crab roll at Fish Market sushi bar
                Marlin at German
                Salad Appetizer at Pomegrante
                Garlic fries at O'Briens Pub
                Kim Bap from Zion
                Mango Empanada Panchita's
                Del Maguey Mezcal with Sangrita at El Agave

                Damn great topic!

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                1. re: kare_raisu

                  chile rellenos and or fish taco at Bety's Tacos
                  old fashioned chocolate covered donut at VG Donuts
                  Everything at Kaito

                2. dim sum at Pearl
                  anything at Dumpling Inn

                  1. A soft gooey peacan roll at Bread & Cie
                    Pistachio Gelato at Cafe Zucharo

                    1. Puerco Enchilado-Super Cocina
                      Beef Taco-Cuervo
                      Korean Chicken-Mo's Island Grindz (although it hasn't been as good recently)
                      Double Double no tomato both kinds of onion- In N Out
                      Shio Ramen-Santouka
                      Meatball Sandwich w/ cheese-Filippis
                      Teppan Lamb-Ba Ren
                      Garlic Chicken-Dao San
                      Double Pan Fried Noodles-Panda Country
                      Mirugai & Kumamoto Oysters-Ota
                      Sweet & Spicy Cruncy Roll-Shien of Osaka/Akai Hana
                      Gyros Plate-Olympic Cafe

                      1. mussell bisque at Dobson's; DGR at Nobu in Solana Beach; patty melt at Longhorn; texas burger at Waterfront; eggs/sausage/hash browns at Perrys; tres queso stuffed pasilla at Guild; the calamari app (not the entree) at Vagabond; pepperoni and sausage pizza at Napoleone's; very current - bison burger at Cowboy Star; long gone but the prosciutto wrapped scallops at Canes

                        1. lamb skewers with cumin at Little Sheep, likewise the lamb dumplings
                          generous cheese samples at Venissimo, so I'm always happy with what I take home
                          tori zosui at Izakaya Sakura, when I feel a cold coming on
                          jap chae at Buga
                          gobo salad at Tajima
                          espresso at Calabria
                          anything with frosting at Elizabethan Desserts (though I'm not as partial to the cake, as it's sometimes overmixed)
                          dosa with sambhar at Surati Farsan
                          figs from "the loud, friendly guy" at Hillcrest farmer's market (Anyone know his name? I'm terrible with names.)
                          dutch baby at OPH
                          chive dumplings at Emerald's dim sum
                          I'll second some already mentioned:
                          the little french strawberries at Campo Lindo
                          plain fro yo with mochi at Yogurt World
                          pomme frites at Cafe Chloe

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                          1. re: amyzan

                            does the "loud, friendly guy" at the Hillcrest farmer's market still have figs? If so, we'll go this weekend.

                            and you reminded me of the sesame bread at Little Sheep!

                              1. re: amyzan

                                I figured that but thought I'd check anyways. Thanks!

                          2. new craving: the vegan veggie stack at Urban Solace. Oh and their grilled cheese with tomato soup. Divine. And cheap too.