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Oct 23, 2008 02:55 PM

Fresh Roasted Nuts

I used to frequent the nut shop on Lexington Street years ago. And, some of the local malls had nut shops with fresh roasted nuts. Are there any places like those open in the Baltimore area or suburbs?

Canned nuts are satisfactory, but they don't compare to the ones I used to purchase. The macadamias, freshly roasted, were out of this world. They were much larger then the Mona Loa's I buy in the jar at the grocery store. Same with the cashews, pecans, etc. FoiGras

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  1. Check out Jeppi's Nuts in Timonium. They've got a couple of old Royal peanut roasters and roast in-house.

    1. There is a great Nut lady at the Wavery Farmer's Market on Saturdays (year round) and I'm pretty sure I have seen her at the Towson and/or Keilworth farmers Markets

      1. If you're talking about "The Peanut Shoppe" of Lexington St.,
        they've moved to 222 N. Charles St. (at Saratoga)

        The Peanut Shoppe
        Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD

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          The Peanut Shoppe also has a stall in Belvedere Square Market

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            Yes--"The Peanut Shoppe" on Lexington Street was the place. I hadn't known that they only relocated and were still in business. Thanks for the info.

            Also, I want to check out Jeppi's in Timonium. FoiGras

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              The nut ladies are also at the Sunday JFX market. They roast their own, some with vanilla and sugar. Prices are less than stores.