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Oct 23, 2008 02:39 PM

Dinner ideas in North Long Beach?

Some of my friends and I meet every Wednesday for dinner, and we've been doing this for the past couple years. But I'm getting bored of the regular places, so I was hoping for a couple more suggestions that I could offer to them. We meet at one friend's house on Carson near the Long Beach Town Center, and go from there.

We've got a great Thai place, so I don't need one of those, but does anyone know of a good Vietnamese or Korean place nearby? The Chinese places we've gone to are adequate, so I'd be happy for an upgrade there; same with Mexican. Any other ideas within just a few minutes drive of Carson and the 710? Not looking for an upscale meal here - $10-15 per person is fine.

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  1. Benley is a great Vienamese place. It's not exactly North Long Beach, but it's not Belmont Shores either. It's in a little strip mall and is very affordable.

    1. Not too far from Benley is Cafe Hiro. Small, affordable, Japanese owned with a strong French influence. It's so worth the driver over to Cypress.

      Cafe Hiro
      10509 Valley View St, Cypress, CA 90630

      1. I don't have any suggestions for you however, I'd like to know the location of the Thai restaurant in North Long Beach.