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Oct 23, 2008 02:27 PM

cheap dinner near spring and bowery?

Hey all
I'm looking for a nice place for dinner for 6-8 on saturday night with a veeery limited budget. Close enough to spring and bowery so that we can drag people there afterwords :)
We were thinking thai just because there are some vegetarians amongst us but we're up for anything.

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    1. Congee Village , you can get your own private area,,there's one on the bowery and one on Allen

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        I second Congee Bowery, because you can eat like a king for practically nothing.

        Another option, if you don't feel like that would be the downstairs at Eigth Mile Creek. It's Aussie Pub food, and pretty inexpensive. Not sure about the veggie option though.

      2. Cafe Habana only has one veg entree, but you could get creative with the apps/sides.

        Wild Ginger, House of Vegetarian, TienGarden, and Spring Street Natural are all within walking distance of Spring & Bowery and won't break the bank.

        There's also Mexican Radio, which I haven't tried, but it looks veg-friendly (but not the cheapest joint in the 'hood):

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        1. Bread on Spring and Elizabeth is very affordable. They serve a wide variety of sandwiches, some of which are vegitarian, as well as a small selection of entrees at dinner. Although I like Cafe Habana, you could end up waiting a while to get 6-8 people seated.

          1. Bun- 143 Grand- Plenty of vegetarian choices- But the Papaya salad should not be missed by the meat eaters in the group