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Oct 23, 2008 02:04 PM

What odd or unusual foods to you eat?

A lot of people think that I'm weird because I like to eat my cereal dry. Besides my love of tofu and most things soy, I think that most people would consider my eating habits pretty standard. My mom, on the other hand, is the queen of weird sandwiches. One of her favourites is icicle pickles and Cheez Whiz sandwiches. What do you enjoy that most people would consider odd or unusual?

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  1. here's the link to a similar topic from earlier this year. we had some fun with it!

    1. I also eat my cereal dry.....hate soaking wet soggy cereal! The weirdest food I eat is RAW pasta.......for some reason I love it and will eat a few pieces for a snack. Even better if u mix it with shredded cheese. My mom has been telling my I will get worms or something but I do not believe it.

      I do also have some weird combos that I totally LOVE. Soy sauce on popcorn....yummy and salty. My favorite topping on french fries is parmesan cheese. Please always give me dirty look when I do that for some reason. The weirdest thing that I love is to cook cucumbers in the oven like roasted squash. I also some times hollow out the seeds of my cucumber and use it as a cup for ginger ale.

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        I also love uncooked pasta! I love to grab a small group of sticks of of spaghetti and bite them from one end to the other kind of like Bugs Bunny eats a carrot. Ehhh... What's up Doc?
        Oh, and on the topic of pasta, I also like raw Ramen noodles.

      2. i get dogged for putting ketchup on too many items... particularly love it on steamed cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, green beans, eggplant, etc.

        yay for dry cereal!

        when i eat cottage cheese, i like to nuke it so it gets gooey, and the curds kind of congeal beneath the liquidy layer... i also add a little stevia and cinnamon before nuking

        not unusual, but my friends make fun of me because of the ridiculously large volume of grape or sugarplum tomatoes i can eat in a sitting... at least one of the large plastic boxes from Trader Joe's... i'm not allowed to buy the big box from Costco

        i also used to like taking cookie dough, stick it in a bowl and nuking in the microwave on a medium setting til the outside was firm and middle just barely cooked enough. then i would spoon a bite of cooking and a bite of frosting together.... ah the old days

        1. For a few years I liked eating just caraway seeds. It was a strong craving and I would eat the equivalent of a McCormick's little bottle at least every day. Of course that got to be way too expensive so I found a way to buy the caraway seeds in bulk so that I could feed my addiction. I have asked around and done some research, but not all that much, trying to find the significance of this obsession, if any. All I could find is that eating a handful of caraway seeds might be good for a toothache. Gradually the cravings diminished and then stopped but I'm pretty sure I could eat several handfuls of caraway seeds right now and enjoy them. If anyone else has experienced this odd addiction or has any idea of why this might happen I'd love to hear about it.

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            I immediately thought of mukhwas when I read your post! Have you ever been to an Indian restaurant where they have an assortment of small sugar-covered seeds to eat after dinner? The mixture is supposed to be a breath-freshener and digestive aid. It often contains caraway seeds, along with fennel and sesame seeds.

          2. I like hearts of palm and anchovies.

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              when I was a kid, my standard breakfast was oatmeal (unflavored) with American cheese melted into it. This is the way my mother ate it so I never though much of it, but you should have seen the stares I got when I told my friends let alone the one in those rare occasions when I was served oatmeal in a context outside my home (say, at camp) (thank goodness the one time that was the only breakfast option, it was under circumstances where we were going to be away during the lunch hours, so they had placed breat and cold cut plates out on the table along with the breakfast things, so that sandwitches could be assembled, so there was cheese readily available) I'm older now and don't eat nearly as much oatmeal, but those rare occasions when I do, that it still the way I eat it. I actually find the standard "sweet fixings" revolting in oatmeal (come to think of it except for pancakes none of the breakfasts I eat regularly have a "sweet" taste (no sugary pastries, no Jam on toast, etc.) Guess it's all down to what you gre up on.
              Oh that reminds me when I was in my early years of school, my favorite sandwitch was peanut butter and cream cheese.