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Oct 23, 2008 01:13 PM

Halloween Antithesis Party

So my friend is throwing a halloween party and the theme is "antithesis" so democrats are coming as republicans, catholic choir leaders are coming as bikers, etc.

I wanted to bring a dish that went along with the theme. I want to make something that looks like another dish. For example, the cheeseburger cake: My problem with that cake is while it looks good, I can't imagine that it would taste great.

Does anyone have recipes for foods that look like something else, good party food (ie not ice cream), and will taste good as well as looking cool?


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  1. I love bringing meatloaf cake. It looks great and fools people. The biggest problem I have with it is that I can't get real mashed potatoes to look like frosting. Instant mashed potatoes work great and pipes well, too, for scrolls but it's instant mashed potatoes. Home made mashed works but not as white or smooth.

    For the frosting in between, I do a ketchup wine reduction (much better than it sounds). You need to have a strong dam of mashed potatoes to hold it in, though.

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      This site features cakes shaped like different foods, like spaghetti and meatballs, cheese, sandwiches, etc. No recipes, but it might inspire you!

    2. Hahaha, this is a great idea!

      Some blog had a kitty litter cake that looked just like a real cat box. It was pretty disgusting, but it is a Halloween party.

      Also, on Top Chef, one of the teams had to make a dish that conveyed the idea of a "perplexed" dish, so they made a tofu steak marinated in beef fat with green curry. I'm not sure you could really bring that to a party or that it even fits the theme exactly, but it was clever I thought.

      You might want to check this out:

      Somebody asked this same question over here - (I've seen ice cream mashed potatoes and they look awesome!)

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        yeah, someone might suggest almond roca for the litter box. eeew.

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          also, just saw a "sugar rush" program where the featured cake guy made a giant fondant and fondant covered "fried egg" cake with a strip of "bacon" made from chocolate colored to look just like bacon. a conical section of the egg "yolk" was removed and was replaced with a creme anglais-type liquid colored just like the yolk's fondant, so it would "run" when the yolk was cut there.

          have also seen "sushi" and "pizza".

        2. There's a cake which in made in a (new) flower pot and displayed as a centerpiece. The cake part is chocolate cake or cookies and chocolate pudding with gummy worms in it and some non-poisonous or edible plant in "planted" in it. Some can freak people out by digging into the "dirt" with a spoon with a crowd around. Here's a link to one version.


          1. i'll bet sandra lee has loads of ideas. i've seen her do the flower pot one, i think. or maybe it was martha stewart. maybe even sara moulton!

            1. Spaghetti Ice Cream!

              Potato cakes - these look great!!!

              such cute ideas here... hamburgers, mac'n'cheese, watermelon, sushi, etc. cakes

              a shortbread crust brushed with a strawberry puree with shavings of white chocolate, jellies cut to resemble peppers, sliced strawberries into coin-type shape to reflect pepperoni, sprinkle with mint for parsley

              Sushi. Made with rice krispies treats stuffed with gummi fruit and wrapped in fruit rollup to look like the seaweed.

              i was trying to come up with something that went the other way around... made of savory, but resembles something sweet... tougher but maybe chocolate truffles or gelato balls with strawberry sauce that is made from meatballs and marinara....

              or make cupcakes out of meatloaf and frost with mashed potatoes

              great website...
              i love the idea of making waffles out of ground turkey loaf and covering with mashed potato scoops for ice cream

              something on dinner impossible