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Oct 23, 2008 01:11 PM

Guacamole Timetable

If I make a 7-layer dip tonight, will my green guac be brown yuck by lunchtime tomorrow?

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  1. depends on if the guac is on the top or on the bottom of the 7 layer dip. If you put it on the top then yes it will turn brown, unless you squeeze some lime juice on it and add 2 layers of plastic wrap on it. I've done this many a time and it turns out well. One layer of plastic wrap should touch the guacamole (no air pockets), and one should cover the entire dish. But to be extra safe, you can always put the guac on the bottom

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    1. re: bitsubeats

      Awesomely fast reply, thank you. Since we're talking about layers... do you have a preferred order? I think guacamole on the bottom is a smart move to avoid discoloration, but what ends up on top?

      1. re: LoDega

        the cheese definitely. What goes in 7 layer dip exactly?


        what else?

    2. This is the order that I use and I have never had brown guacamole. The secret as bitsubeats says is no air pockets. The guac must be totally sealed.
      Refried beans
      Sour cream mixed with 1 Tbl. taco seasoning
      Grated cheese
      Green onions
      Some people like black olives, I don't.

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      1. re: Pampatz

        Thanks again!

        I ended up making it flawlessly green, and it's great (although runnier than I'd like.) I'm going back for another plateful soon.