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Oct 23, 2008 11:57 AM

Sonny's Subs in Northwood

Has anyone been to Sonny's Subs in the Northwood shopping center in northeast Baltimore? I have been told this place is an institution, yet I live right next to it and have never been. I have heard particularly good things about their chicken box. I'm looking for a second opinion.

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  1. Nobody, huh? I will take this as evidence that either (1) Sonny's Subs is not the institution I was lead to believe or (2) the devout followers of Sonny's Subs do not frequent Chowhound.

    I'll try it out when I can and post back.

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    1. re: KAZ

      I live in the area and look forward to your review.

    2. Ok, here's the review. This place has a VERY good chicken box. I got two breasts and two wings. A breast is $2.79 and a wing is $1.09. It comes with white bread and a "hot" sauce. The hot sauce seemed to be a combination of ketchup, Franks, and asian duck sauce. Weirdly good.

      The breasts were the highlight. They butterfly the breast on the bone, batter and then fry. It comes out looking like a piece of lake trout. Do other places do it like that? This allowed the breast to cook evenly throughout and ended up being one very tasty bird.

      They also have lake trout, which is organized by size and nicely displayed in the case and fried at order.

      My order was given to me in a styrofoam container. I noticed that other patrons eating in the restaurant were served chicken in an actual box. I'm dying to know what dictates the container. Maybe size of the order? I am convinced the chicken would have tasted even better if I ate it out of a box. Am I wrong?

      All in all, I will definitely return. Its a great chicken box option in NorEBo.

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      1. re: KAZ

        I am convinced the chicken would have tasted even better if I ate it out of a box. Am I wrong?

        sounds like the "Fiber None" commercial... you have to eat the box to get the fiber... hehe

        1. re: KAZ

          Viewing the photo, I'm hungry now for chicken.

        2. For historical accuracy, the name of this place is Sunny's Subs, that's Sunny's with a "U".

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          1. re: KAZ

            I like the butterfly idea. OK KAZ, I'll try it soon

          2. Gave Sunny's a try tonight. Two wings, a breast, collard greens and mac and cheese for $6.35. Huge portion. The chicken some of the best I've in the city the side were ok/good but not standout. The staff was very nice. It seems they cater to the
            Morgan crowd. Many pictures of campus life.

            1. I just got back from lunch at Sunny's. I had the classic chicken box: 4 wings, western fries and a half and half. First thing to note is that they are steady rolling during lunch. My chicken came out HOT, fresh from the fryer.

              In general, I don't understand the fascination with chicken wings. For the price of three (uncut, both sections of the wing) you can get a breast. I much prefer the breast, but to each their own I guess.

              The Sunny Sauce (as I was told it is called all over the east side) is still ridiculously good. Kinda sweet, tangy, spicey and great with the chicken.

              As for my initial question about this being an institution, the answer appears to be (2), the devout followers do not frequent Chowhound. I asked a friend of mine who came up on the eastside if he had ever heard of this place. He looked at me like I had three heads. His reply: "What kinda question is that? Everyone on the east side knows Sunny's Subs!"

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                1. re: hon

                  What's that now?

                  Let's not get caught in the semantics. ;-)

                  If I ever decide to swerve from the chicken it will be for the fried fish that looks really good in the case. It might be a while before I even look to see if they have subs on the menu.

                  1. re: KAZ

                    Knowing where to get a good chicken box, even a good chicken styrofoam container, is exactly the sort of tip I hope to find here on Chowhound. Good going, Kaz. Next time I'm in the area, I'll try to remember where it is and will check it out.

                    1. re: baltoellen

                      Sunny's Subs still going strong: large leg and thigh in crispy batter, plus western fries, for $6.99 made a great and filling lunch. Lake Trout is cooked to order and juicy, collards are pleasant. The only failures were ribs cooked a long time before, with a so-so sauce, and regular fries which were obviously from frozen.
                      Yes, this is good Chicken Box!