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Oct 23, 2008 11:41 AM

Hida miso

In September we went to Takayama and Shirakawago.

There we had the greatest grilled veg and meat on magnolia leaves and some sort of miso paste.

I was wondering if anyone has ideas on what would be in the miso that makes it a specialty of the Hida area and makes it so tasty?


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  1. I am glad you enjoyed hōba miso. 
    I have seen a package of hoba miso with dried leaves at Oribe Style Shop at Lapiros Roppongi Bldg., 6-1-2 Roppongi on the 2nd floor. Lapiros is right outside exit 3 of Roppongi Station.

    If you are not in Tokyo but if you can find aka miso or haccho miso from Nagoya area and mix it with sake, scallions, mushroom and cook in a pan, that must be pretty close to what you had. If you like it a bit sweet, add some sugar or mirin. Also, as you mentioned, that can be a sauce for seared beef.

    I bought a package of hoba miso from the shop in Roppongi here. Put leaf in a frying pan, mixed miso with mushroom, then cooked until the miso started to simmer.

    Hoba miso and beef dish served at Ukai Chikutei

    Hope you can replicate the taste of wonderful miso!

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      I have one correction about hoba miso, actually two.
      I just found out from the miso lecture I attended today that it is actually koji miso used as hoba miso, not akamiso or haccho miso. (I do not know if anyone cares that much details, but I thought to correct myself!)

      And the shop, Oribe Style, closed at the end of Feb 2009. Too bad!

    2. juso, can you tell me where exactly you had your meal in takayama? we're going there in a couple of months and would love to know. thank you!

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        I strongly recommend an izakaya in Takayama called 'Sakana' (肴).
        I've been to Takayama a bunch of times for various reasons, eaten there every time along with several other places, and never found a place that approached it. It's one of my favorite restaurants in Japan. I think the owner is Imai san; he'll take care of you even if you don't speak Japanese.

        1. re: jem589

          thanks! is it easy to find?? will definitely look it up. have you ever been to a place called Kyoya, a friend tells me that's pretty good too. thank you again for your help.

          1. re: belma79

            Sakana is easy to find. It's right around the corner from the Alpha-1 hotel, which in turn is right near the bridge on 'main street' (Kokubunji dori). Standing in front of the Alpha 1, facing the river, go to the left, take the first left, look for the small purple sign on the left in a larger building.

            I _have_ been to Kyoya, actually, but only to have Hida beef curry at lunch time. It was fine, but isn't the same experience as Sakana. It's a little homey and a little family restaurant-like, with decent simple food, where Sakana is all about the owner and his friends catching or sourcing great stuff in the mountains and combining it with top-grade beef.


            1. re: jem589

              great, thank you! really helpful, appreciate it. one questions, we don't actualy errr... eat beef (just fish in fact). so is it still worth going to sakana?? i looked at your blog and it sounds like a real foodie destinations... just want to make sure it's not all about the beef!

              1. re: belma79

                Oh sure. Most people get excited about 'A5 wagyu' and similar phrases, but it's also very expensive so I'm happy to avoid it.

                He always has plenty of fish, and should have ayu since it's summer. I also think the vegetables are some of the most interesting things; he always seems to be picking something in the mountains and pickling it in a weird way.

                1. re: jem589

                  great! we'll definitely go there. thank you so much for your advice. do you think it's worth making a reservation by the way or is just showing up okay?

                  1. re: belma79

                    OK if you get there early. It'll fill up but has decent turnover. I think the counter is far superior, so I reserved, but they clearly thought I was a nut for doing so.

                    1. re: jem589

                      thank you so much again! will definitely go there.