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Oct 23, 2008 11:06 AM

Fujian Grand Buffet

I've seen this place off of I-35 for months now, and tomorrow is their grand opening. As far as I can tell this is not a chain but I could be wrong.
Does anybody have any information?

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      1. re: sqwertz

        Fujian Grand China Buffet 8709 North Interstate 35 Austin, TX 78753 (512) 977-8822

        Between Parmer and Howard, according to mapquest.

        1. re: sqwertz

          It's just off of I-35 in the same building (newly remodeled) that Old San Francisco steakhouse was

        2. I don't believe it's a chain.

          1. Went there on its opening night on Friday. $10.99 + drink. Pay before you eat. It's a very, very mixed bag. Anyone who ever went to the Old San Francisco Steakhouse will know that building is a really good size, so there's plenty of seating and plenty of space for the buffet. There are two areas for preparing fresh food - a small and very disappointing sushi bar, and a Mongolian BBQ type noodle bar. And here we come to the first of two problems. The ingredients were fresh and good quality, but there were a dozen or so sauces, none of which were labeled. Hot sauce, garlic and soy sauce are easy to recognize, but the others were kind of pot luck.

            This lack of labeling was pervasive throughout the buffet. I would guess that less than 1 in 4 dishes had a label. It's pretty obvious what a prawn toast is, but what if you have to choose between 4 almost identical chicken in sticky sauce? Are those spring rolls vegetarian?

            The other problem, apart from the lack of labels, was a lack of Chinese food. There was a nice looking salad bar, pizza, fish and chicken nuggets, plenty of fresh fruit, a huge dessert section with four colors of jello, banana pudding, chocolate pudding, ice cream etc., but very little else.

            There were plenty of Chinese appetizers, but for the entrees, I don't recall any pork or lamb dishes at all. There were one or two beef dishes, three or four chicken dishes - and that was it. Even the fried rice was American style - light, fluffy and impossible to eat with chopsticks.

            1. Absolutely. Disgusting.

              When I saw the commercial for this place on TV proudly stating their vast array of vegetarian options, I decided it was worth the trip up North to check out. This was the worst dining experience I've had in YEARS.

              #1 -- It's expensive. My boyfriend and I paid 28 dollars for two buffets. And you must pay before entering, which if I'd seen their abysmal selection, I *NEVER* would have done.

              #2 -- The waitstaff is surly beyond belief. The girl who rang me up had a MAJOR attitude, but it didn't stop there. The busboys hung out by our table the whole time, just standing around and leaning on their brooms. The waitress never once refilled my drink, and in fact never appeared again the entire time I was there.

              #3 -- The place is a nightmare. It was so crowded, I could barely move. There are WAY too many tables and bodies crammed together, and even if you could get past the fact that the whole restaurant is warm and moist, the ungodly NOISE of the place makes dining extremely stressful and unpleasant.

              #4 -- The food is ****TERRRRRRIBLE****. I've had bad Chinese/Asian buffet food before, but this really takes the cake. Their "vegetarian" selection is a freaking JOKE. They didn't even offer a vegetable stir fry option. The *ONLY* Chinese dish they had was a tofu stew, which I was HORRIFIED TO DISCOVER contained gobs of meat. Of course, I only discovered this after it was already in my mouth, but at this point I was so hungry and frustrated, I just wanted to cry. I spit it out on my plate. There is a small (pitiful) salad bar available, but if you are expecting Asian cuisine of *ANY KIND*, my vegetarian friends, DO NOT COME HERE.

              I felt so violated and angry after leaving this place, I immediately had to come and leave a WARNING for other people. This is a horrible, horrible restaurant. I am so disgusted, I am going to try and reverse the charges on my credit card. Nobody should have to pay this much money to be treated this badly and fed so poorly.

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              1. re: windrixville

                Good, God, what do I do if I want chinese buffet food in this area?

                1. re: rudeboy

                  I don't know, but when you find it let me know. My husband loves Chinese buffets, but I'm not so keen on them. We tried Fujian when it first opened and even he did not like it. Frankly, it scared me. Not one of the dishes that I tried was hot. It seemed that everything was luke warm. We live in RR but will drive whereever if it is a good buffet.

                  1. re: Meshelle

                    Drive to Seguin. Check out THE DRAGON. Huge tasty portions and my favorite Chinese place- daily specials are a DEAL, next to Thai Spice (which isn't Chinese), I tend to go out of my way for this place.

                  2. re: rudeboy

                    Thomas Super Buffet changed ownership a couple of years ago and is a good Chinese buffet restaurant. Try them out.

                    2500 W Parmer Ln
                    Austin, TX 78727

                    They in the Fry's plaza on the corner of Parmer and MoPac.