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Oct 23, 2008 11:05 AM

Recs on Pizza places in Denton/Lewisville area.

Hi there. 1st time poster. Long time lurker. I am in the Denton area and am looking for a good pizza place, getting burned out eating pizza hut, dominos you know the routine.

I am looking for some recommendations for a pizza place in Denton/Lewisville area. I found Don Camillo Italian Cuisine, Little Brothers Pizzeria & Luigi's Italian Restaurant in Denton.

Lewisville has Alfredo's Pizza, Pasta and Subs, Bari's Pasta and Pizza, Luigi's Italian Cafe.

The reviews for these places i found off of guidelive and wanted to see i could get some recommendations on them. I liked the review for Alfredos & Luigis. I would like to stay close to home, but i dont mind stopping by the locations in Lewisville for a good pie.

so any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Alfredo's is my favorite place in Lewisville. They know my order when I walk in the door. Luigi's was good, but it's closed and is now a vegetarian place. My fallback pizza is Vinnie's at the NW corner of Business 121 and 35. It's kind of hidden in a deserted strip mall.

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      thanx for the reply. i plan on frequenting some of these places over the weekend/s or as my craving for pizza escalates.

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        I'll chime in with my first post. I love Alfredo's in Lweisville. I've been going there for more than 15 years. Nice people that run it too. I now live in South Grapevine but still go over there every so often and pick up a pie. Pepperoni/sausage/jalapeno. Now I'm hungry.

      2. I like Nick's on 407. I haven't had Alfredos in quite some time mainly because Nicks is closer.

        I also like some of the offerings at Palio's in both Highland Village and Flower Mound. It is a chain but some of the specialty pizzas are quite good and you have a choice of whole wheat crust.

        i Fratelli's in Flower Mound (3040 and 2499) round out the best of the area. I am not sure if WoMax is still open but they have a Chicago style pizza.....last time I had one it was a bit on the doughy not sure if they have improved or if they have weathered through this economy.

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          If you are up for a short drive, try Pizzaria Uno's in Ft. Worth.

          I actually made the drive from Houston to go there! Well, I did have one other "must make" stop in Plano... but we took the detour for my favorite pizza!

          I wish they were still here. I've not been able to find a Chicago style pizza that tops it. My favorite is the Italian sausage with crushed tomato. YUM.