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Oct 23, 2008 10:48 AM

kegs in Brooklyn (near Bed Stuy)?

I live in Bed Stuy (Gates and Nostrand) and am looking for a place nearby to get a keg or half keg for this Saturday night. Does anybody know of anything?


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  1. There is a Beer Distributer on the corner of Gates and Bedford, I buy cases there sometimes, seems as if they would have Kegs as well.

    1. Brooklyn Beer on Washington bet. Bergen and Dean definitely does the keg thing, tap/pump etc. (I think Brooklyn Lager is one of the options!) It's not that far from you if you have wheels. I think there is $100 deposit on the equipment. Also, they are open until midnight Friday and Saturday. Open at 10am. You should call to see what they have in stock, 718.622.8800. Alex the owner is a great guy, as are his staff. Obviously, I have spent way to much money in here over the years!