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Oct 23, 2008 10:16 AM


Hey all, I'm having dinner at the pizzaria tonight, and I am excited, as it's been a while. What I was most excited about was the butterscotch budino--untill I found out that a birthday cake was bought! So my question is, will they bat an eyelash about me getting the budino to go (so I can enjoy it at home, maybe the next night?). Normally I wouldn't even ask, but I just realized that I've never ever heard of anyone getting anything to go from there, ever.

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  1. They have never offered "to go" food. If you order something for the table and then ask them to pack it up for you I am certain you can have your budino to go and eat it too.

    1. have cake and the budino! Eat the budino and take the cake home!

      1. I get food to go all the time, they're very gracious about it. I pretty much always order an additional pizza to take home and sometimes a dessert.

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          Ditto - I've ordered pizza to go many times and they are very accomodating. I thought this post may have been about ordering to pick-up without dining there. That would be fantastic!

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            I've done that a couple of times too, they were just as gracious. Now I'm totally in the mood for Pizzeria Mozza!

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              I read in a magazine that they were planning to do take-out later this year. Of course, they said that before they opened, too.

        2. Allright, so dinner was great. We ordered almost everything on the menu. They were very nice about packing my budino to go. It's in the fridge waititng for me right now!!