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Oct 23, 2008 10:01 AM

Does anybody know of a local place that will deliver a candy bouquet to NYU hospital?

I'm not sure this qualifies as a Chowhound topic, but thought some of you foodies might know. I send them all over the country, but cannot find a single place in Manhattan to send them. I have found places in the other boroughs just a few miles away, but they still send them via USPS and therefore, will not arrive today or tomorrow. I can't believe somebody in Manhattan isn't doing this, and if they're not, then maybe I just found a niche!!!!!! Thanks, in advance, for any help!

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    1. re: italianagambino

      Awesome; thanks so much for that. Unfortunately, they charge $25 for local delivery. Maybe I'm just not used to Manhattan. Where I live in NY, "local" delivery is free. The basket is only $50 afterall; another 50% for delivery is ludicrous!

    2. You may want to try either Economy Candy ( or Fill-R-Up (www.fill-r-up).

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      1. re: mimosa1

        Well, it wasn't what I set out to buy but I finally found They delivered within hours of my order and for free. They were so accommodating and happy to have my business. Cannot say enough good things about them. Be sure to check them out if you need a Manhattan delivery. Thanks for all the suggestions! Fill-r-up looks like it would have been great too.