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seafood risotto

Dax Oct 23, 2008 09:57 AM

I am thinking of using up some shrimp stock I made/froze and thought perhaps a seafood risotto would be great for it (tonight, yes late notice). I figured maybe seared (dry-pack) sea scallops (cannot find dry pack day, except frozen) over a bed of shrimp risotto. However, I need some insight on:

1) Any recs for use of the stock? If the stock has been frozen since some time in the Spring or early Summer in a sealed (but not airtight jar), should I even use it?

2) Lots of recipes call for dilluting the stock with water as shrimp stock can overpower the seafood risotto?

3) thoughts on adding anything else to the risotto besides shrimp? Like maybe a neutral vegetable?

4) light(er) side dishes? Would an arugula salad be way off?

Thanks in advance! I'm basically a risotto rookie (cooking, not eating).


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  1. b
    Bigley9 RE: Dax Oct 23, 2008 10:58 AM

    I have used six month old frozen stock without issue, I am assuming you mean not a vacuum sealed jar, but just a closed one. With home made stock it is hard to know the strength - the nice thing is you can taste it and since you add the stock as you go you can even taste it while cooking the risotto and decide to switch to water.
    I might add some radicchio to the risotto rather than something neutral - it will stand up to, and IMHO contrast well with the shrimp, dandelion greens or other bitter green might work too.
    An arugula salad would work if you weren't putting greens in the risotto. But if you put the greens in, why not cheese and fruit (pears and gorgonzola, figs and pecorino, apples and cheddar)
    Enjoy! I love making risotto!

    1. j
      jaykayen RE: Dax Oct 23, 2008 11:04 AM

      Mussels, clams.

      1. Dax RE: Dax Oct 24, 2008 09:01 AM

        The risotto came out pretty well with the stock only slightly dilluted but was a little bland. I ended up making a sauce out of the broth, sauteed tomatoes and a can of chilies in adobo which was quite spicy and added a kick that the risotto needed. Very good overall.

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        1. re: Dax
          TongoRad RE: Dax Oct 24, 2008 09:13 AM

          Chipotles in adobo- very interesting, I might have to try that.

          Here's what I normally do- sweat some leeks in butter, then add chopped tomatoes and lemon zest. When the tomatoes are just heated through and start to get soft add the rice, saute a bit, and then add white wine. Reduce that and then start with the stock. The wine and zest add some nice complementary flavors to the seafood and a bit of an acidic pop to keep it out of that 'bland' territory.

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