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Oct 23, 2008 09:53 AM

NYC to Gaithersburg via I-95? DE to MD off I 95 chow?

Anything directly off I95 from DE to Gaithersburg that is chow worthy, and inexpensive but not a dump?
Thanks...any cuisine but Japanese.

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  1. Depends on how far off of 95 you're willing to go, but yes, there are a number of options.

    1. There was some discussion of a Cajun place along that route. Someone probably remembers the name and town. I put it on that list that's in a file somewhere, named something I'd never to think to look for. <g>

      When I'm on that route, I usually just stop at a McDonald's for an iced coffee and eat when I get home. I don't like driving on a full stomach and I don't bother with particularly chow worthy eateries unless I'm prepared to fill up.

      1. It depends when you're traveling. One of my guilty pleasures is stopping at a Waffle House for breakfast. I really like the waffles and potatoes there and Maryland is just far enough south to have a couple of Waffle Houses. I usually stop at the one just of I-95 near the Aberdeen MD exit (forgot the route number)

        A few exits south of Baltimore, on Rt 175 east just after it crosses US1 is a very good Chinese buffet, Fortune Star (I think it's called that).

        A few more exits south is Rt 198 east - Pasta Plus is on an island between US1 South and US1 North and serves good Itallian food.

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          The "cajun" place is Clarence's of New Orleans in downtown Edgewood MD. It's exit 77 off of I-95, and about 10 minutes from the Interstate. Check out their website.

        2. I have been making this trip for 20+ years and my favorite spot to stop is The Doghouse right off 95 just before the DE Memorial Bridge. Great cheesesteaks, hot dogs and Pizza. Not a lot of ambience but good food and inexpensive.

          1200 N Dupont Hwy (Route 40)
          New Castle, DE 19720
          (302) 328-5380‎

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            "Our dogs go out with the nicest people" - just a counter with about 15 stools, I've been enjoying the place for 35+ yrs.

          2. DuClaw Brewery in Bel Air is 5 minutes from 95. Good beer and acceptable food.
            Also, if you have time and want to detour through B'more, Lexongton Market is not that far out of the way. Closes early, however, so get there before 3 pm.