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Oct 23, 2008 09:35 AM

Won't You Be My (Chef/Foodie) Neighbor?

The For Sale sign is up and there have been trailers and vans. My neighbor, a nationally known chef and foodie is moving. I don't really know the guy other than the front yard exchange of "Hey, how ya doin'?" with a chin jerk. As the Hub and I were being our usual what-are-the-neighbors-doing selves, we started thinking about what other foodie type we'd like to buy the house.

Who would we want as a neighbor? Well...

Rick Bayless. He might understand our crazy yard, general mindset, and he seems (from his PBS show) to have fun parties. Maybe a neighbor would be invited. (Or could foist herself upon the invite list.)

Jacques Pepin. I want him to be my favorite uncle. (Can one be adopted this late in life?) And as a neighbor? I'd go visit with baked goods just to hear him pronounce "emulsify" as "emoolthify."

There's two of my candidates. What chef/foodie would be your neighbor of choice?

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  1. I would like Rachael Ray to move next door to me. I'd encourage my cat to poop in her yard and would play music at a ridiculous volume level and would buy a blackboard to scrape a fork across at odd hours.(not unlike her voice...) Yummo, indeed!

    1. My first thought would be Jamie Oliver, but he'd make me (just by being himself) want to become a better person.

      People will suggest (and I could be myself around) Bourdain, but he's probably boring and reclusive at home.

      It would have to be Gordon Ramsey. I can use the F word as well as he can, love it that he really cares, was irritated when he picked on Richard Quest, and think that I do my job as well as he does his.

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      1. re: Sam Fujisaka

        Jamie Oliver would be a great neighbour I think. I'd definitely invite him for dinner - he said the other day that he'd only been invited to someone's house for dinner about five times, the poor chap. I'd also like Nigel Slater to move in next door and be my gay, foodie best friend.

        What did Gordon say about Richard Quest (I'm especially interested because he's a friend of a friend, and the OH used to know him too)?

        1. re: greedygirl

          I love Jamie, but he would make me want to change my ways for the better.

          Quest did a piece for CNN where he tried to learn to cook something from Ramsey. Gordon yelled at Quest throughout and at the end declared, "Well you better keep your day job!".

          1. re: Sam Fujisaka

            Haha! I'm on Gordon's side to be honest.

      2. Imbued with her inspiration, I think I could be the best griller of all time if Julia Child had been buried under a marble slab in front of my barbecue pit.

        1. Definitely Lidia Bastianich. I adore the woman, thinning hair and all, and I want her to teach me how to taste sauce from the pot without dribbling all over the front of my shirt. Plus, I really like her family and I think she'd like mine. Maybe she'd even invite me over to make gnocchi with her and her little grandkids.

          1. My first thought was Ming Tsai, but he would probably not be at home much, so scratch that.

            Steve Raichlen would be a great neighbor, and I could be "conveniently" doing yard work as he was firing up his grill. I could easily contribute a brisket or a rack of ribs as a welcome to the hood present. He seems like a really nice person, and his Primal Grill show makes me drool.

            Sara Moulton would be another great one. And I agree, Cay, that Jacques is a most beloved "uncle." He would be a top choice.

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            1. re: danhole

              Gotta go with Bourdain, love his style, attitude, humor and I think he is super sexy so I would be able to oggle.