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Oct 23, 2008 09:03 AM

Pumpkin seeding - is there an easier way?

Freeing pumpkin seeds from the sticky-slimy mess of the pulp, so they can be roasted, is an off-putting task. Are there any secrets to make it faster and easier?

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  1. Usually I throw the whole mess of seeds and pulp into a colander and run water over it while I separate the seeds from the mess. It seems to help, even if only minimally.

    1. I don't like to wash my seeds before roasting (I like the taste of a little pumpkin "slime"), so I just pop them out between my fingers. Sometimes bits of stringy stuff remain, but they brown out in the oven. It takes me just a minute to do a pie pumpkin. What are you doing that takes so long?

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      1. Paper towels. Lots. I put down 3 sheets, then a handful of seeds, rub with more paper towels, blotting after I pull most of the goop off. I do not wash mine because in my mind they will take longer to dry out, and I usually want to make them asap.