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Oct 23, 2008 08:36 AM

Container Store equivalent in UK? (pref London)

Hubby and I are just finishing remodeling our very tiny kitchen (yay!) and I want to make better use of the space before we mess it up again. I absolutely loved The Container Store when I lived in California: a whole shop devoted to boxes that fit into other boxes! Neat freak nirvana. Where can I go around here for things like that - besides IKEA? I am particularly interested in storage boxes, pull-out shelves, magnetic anything, hooks, etc. We want to maximize the cupboard space, as well as using the walls better. Have tons of ideas and inspiration, but everything keeps coming back to IKEA or John Lewis. Where else?

Also what is your best method for storing all those plastic takeaway boxes & lids? Ours tend to get thrown into the deepest, darkest corner, but we are determined not to let that happen anymore.


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  1. I really like Ikea for storage things and have got a few bits from Lakeland. I used to get the Holding Company's catalogue a few years ago - it may be of use.
    Lakeland do lots of things you never knew you needed like packet store ( which turn out to be helpful! one of my favourite kitchen items are my magnetic herb tins from ikea!

    1. I agree that Lakeland is a great source of containers and other household paraphenalia. I'm lucky and have a shop not far from me, but their catalogues are numerous and the service is good.. not to mention it's fun seeing so many clever items. Their spray-on cleaner for granite work surfaces is fantastic. I also love an oblong microwave cooking thing I bought at Lakeland. It's great for steaming veg and other things.

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        There's a pretty good shop in the Kings Road in Chelsea that specialises in storage. Sorry, I can't remember its name. It is past the Old Town Hall if you are coming from Sloane Square.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions! I will give Lakeland a try. Looks like my kind of store!

        So funny that you mentioned the packet storage box. My husband zeroed in on that last night when I was browsing websites and declared that it was a solution in search of a problem! Needless to say, he doesn't share my OCD for tidyness. I thought it could be kinda useful. Fortunately he doesn't object to getting magnetic spice tins, which are #1 on my list. Off to IKEA...!

        Feel free to follow our kitchen remodel on flickr:

        1. Muji have some good storage things as well, I think.

          They have lots of stores in London.

          1. The Holding Company on King's Road (Chelsea)
            Ikea, John Lewis, Muji - yes!!
            Pound stores in Dalston/Hackney - street markets - esp. Ridley Road E8
            I've had great catalogue service from Lakeland - once a month I go to Bath for work meeting and I always visit their shop during lunch hour - always pick up something handy!