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Oct 23, 2008 08:14 AM

Eduardo's in the Plateau

Anyone have any opinions on this restaurant? I heard it is BYOW and inexpensive. What is the price point? How is the quality?

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  1. Went to the one on Laurier a couple of years ago. It was fairly modest (about $25/person all incl., if memory serves) with acceptable but unexceptional quality.

    Not a place where I'd bring a special bottle; it's more the kind of place you go to relax and enjoy socializing over some ordinary wine and ordinary food.

    1. This place is okay for price but for better taste I like the one across the street called Lombardi. What I noticed with lombardi since they reopen is that their food quality is above par for a BYOW place. Last time I went with my wife I had shrimps and scallops plate for 21.95$.

      The 2 experiences I had at the oher place called L'Academie were horrible. But I believe they are cheaper $$$ on some dishes.

      It's all a question of taste and atmosphere. For me Lombardi is the top choice for the staff and food.

      We don't want to even mention the scams artists places they call restaurants on prince arhur street. Stay away.

      1. Eduardo's is relatively cheap, the food corresponds. I only go when forced by others. Part of my reluctance stems from the fact they like to put green onions in many of their sauces. Blech.

        I used to refuse to go, because it was always overly smoky. But now with the new smoking laws, it is much more tolerable.

        note that the one on Laurier is closed.