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Oct 23, 2008 07:51 AM

How is Pann's?

I hope I'm doing this right...I have heard a lot of good tings about Pann's. I want to go to go see a Googie diner.

Is the food good? I read that they serve good chicken and biscuits. Do they have Chili size? Chili Fries?

is it a "greasy Spoon"?

I want to go Saturday for dinner. Do they serve chicken and waffles and biscuits at dinner? What is good?

Also, Dinah's is a place nearby, is it similar?

Is the neighborhood scary?

Thanks for all advice and help.

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  1. Pann's is a Los Angeles gem. Excellent wings and waffles and they are now offer biscuits (fantastic biscuits) at night. Also, their patty melt is a wonder. I think their sides are a little weak, although the mac & cheese if okay and I seem to end up with the steamed fresh spinach most of the time. I also like their fried chicken dinner. Breakfast is normally a good choice. If you like shakes I find their brownie shake with chunks of chocolate brownie well distributed throughout the shake to be delicious. It is a diner but not a greasy spoon. Very nice and the googie look, their golden oldies rock and roll sound track (just loud enough - and this coming from someone who hates loud music when dining out) and warm service make for a great time. Location is not scary at all. Every race eats there and it has always seemed like a little United Nations offshoot to me. Favorite stop for the local law enforcement patrol officers from at least 3 different cities meet there for dinner on a regular basis, (Inglewood, Hawthorne and of course the LAPD). Hope you'll post your impression if you go.

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      I LOVE shakes! How is the chocolate cake? Cake and Shake is sooooo good.

      1. re: Bully

        If you try the chocolate shake WITH the brownie in it I am sure that a diabetic coma will follow, but be totally worth it... ;-D

        1. re: Servorg

          " diabetic coma will follow" Yep! Same is true about the Oreo shake -- Wow!

          To the OP, Pann's is a true Googie cafe -- not a diner. L.A. has no diners anymore. However, like a diner, Pann'st has a great long counter with lots of seats and a diner style menu. The fried chicken dinner is, IMO, the best in L.A. However, the sides are not near as great as the chicken. The chicken is perfect with a great crust, very moist (juicy) and tender inside and a fresh chicken flavor. These cooks understand that clean hot oil is what fried chicken is all about. I dream about that chicken.

          Pann's menu does offer a Chili size. I have never had it but have been tempted as it is a corn muffin in place of a burger bun. I want to add that probably every other time I eat a Pann's I get some Pea Soup to-go and for two reasons. It is a very good pea soup with a mild smoky flavor. Also, it is good to have something from Pann's to eat the next day which helps my gas bill from having to drive back there from the SGV!.

          Also, post about Pann's are the only repeated post about places that I always read. Especially the "My first time post" about Pann's. It is always fun to recall my first time when I read the words from others about the Googie ambiance, the service and, oh, that food. So you must post about your first time.

          Pann's -- on this page it might be necessay to click on the buttons atr the bottom of the page for the menu to pop-up.

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            Are they 24/7? Just thinking when I get up too early with the HOT FLASHES. I could get in the car and head on over for some good comfort food.

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              They are not 24/7. Not open especially late either. I wanna say they close around 9 or 10pm, but call to confirm.

              Pann's Restaurant & Coffee Shop
              6710 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

      2. Pann's is maybe the best diner-type food in the area. No, it is the best diner food in the area.

        I don't believe they serve waffles at dinner, but call. Apparently they do serve their famous biscuits at dinner

        They do have excellent chili. Their fried chicken is superb. Do a search on what others like about Pann's.

        The restaurant is in the middle of a rather large business area.

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          They serve wings & waffles day and night.

        2. I just went back to Pann's yesterday, after a long long time. Pann's fried chicken: really nicely fried, crispy, but no flavor. The biscuit: it's fine, not so memorable, the raves are out of whack. They use margarine, not butter. Eggs and homestyle potatoes: standard diner.
          But yes you should def go if you haven't been. Oogie the Googie, good service, check out the chicken for yourself.
          Ladera Heights-ish is not scary.

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            I dont know what you are talking about in regards to margarine, because when I siting at the counter last week. I saw a tub of butter being scooped into small paper cups to be served with biscuits. In my mind the fried chicken is some of the best in LA.

            1. re: Schweinhaxen

              I beilieve the poster was stating that margarine is employed as an *ingredient* in their biscuit recipe, as opposed to butter...

              1. re: Schweinhaxen

                You saw it. But did you eat it? The tub must be margarine. I got my order to go and got a small container of the margarine. I'm assuming you get the same whether you dine in or take out.

                And right, margarine also used to make the biscuit.

                    1. re: slacker

                      You're entitled to your opinion. You're just not entitled to your own facts. Call them and ask for yourself.

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                        You are dead wrong bud. It is butter not margarine.

                        1. re: Schweinhaxen

                          Bud? What the..

                          You guys need to get the facts before spewing at others.

                          According to Pann's it is "half margarine and half butter." But having eaten it, and seen the consistency after being in a styrofoam container for 20 minutes, it seems to be more than 50% margarine.

              2. Never eaten there, but I drive by it every time I go to LAX. That would be countless times at every hour of the day and night over the years. I would hardly call it scary, I suppose it's a fair question, as scary and dangerous are two totally different things. I don't find it to be either one, but the type of person who finds otherness to be scary and depending what other is to that person, could make it feel scary. There's always Mel's on Sunset, which scares the hell out of me ; )