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How is Pann's?

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I hope I'm doing this right...I have heard a lot of good tings about Pann's. I want to go to go see a Googie diner.

Is the food good? I read that they serve good chicken and biscuits. Do they have Chili size? Chili Fries?

is it a "greasy Spoon"?

I want to go Saturday for dinner. Do they serve chicken and waffles and biscuits at dinner? What is good?

Also, Dinah's is a place nearby, is it similar?

Is the neighborhood scary?

Thanks for all advice and help.

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  1. Pann's is a Los Angeles gem. Excellent wings and waffles and they are now offer biscuits (fantastic biscuits) at night. Also, their patty melt is a wonder. I think their sides are a little weak, although the mac & cheese if okay and I seem to end up with the steamed fresh spinach most of the time. I also like their fried chicken dinner. Breakfast is normally a good choice. If you like shakes I find their brownie shake with chunks of chocolate brownie well distributed throughout the shake to be delicious. It is a diner but not a greasy spoon. Very nice and the googie look, their golden oldies rock and roll sound track (just loud enough - and this coming from someone who hates loud music when dining out) and warm service make for a great time. Location is not scary at all. Every race eats there and it has always seemed like a little United Nations offshoot to me. Favorite stop for the local law enforcement patrol officers from at least 3 different cities meet there for dinner on a regular basis, (Inglewood, Hawthorne and of course the LAPD). Hope you'll post your impression if you go.

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      I LOVE shakes! How is the chocolate cake? Cake and Shake is sooooo good.

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        If you try the chocolate shake WITH the brownie in it I am sure that a diabetic coma will follow, but be totally worth it... ;-D

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          " diabetic coma will follow" Yep! Same is true about the Oreo shake -- Wow!

          To the OP, Pann's is a true Googie cafe -- not a diner. L.A. has no diners anymore. However, like a diner, Pann'st has a great long counter with lots of seats and a diner style menu. The fried chicken dinner is, IMO, the best in L.A. However, the sides are not near as great as the chicken. The chicken is perfect with a great crust, very moist (juicy) and tender inside and a fresh chicken flavor. These cooks understand that clean hot oil is what fried chicken is all about. I dream about that chicken.

          Pann's menu does offer a Chili size. I have never had it but have been tempted as it is a corn muffin in place of a burger bun. I want to add that probably every other time I eat a Pann's I get some Pea Soup to-go and for two reasons. It is a very good pea soup with a mild smoky flavor. Also, it is good to have something from Pann's to eat the next day which helps my gas bill from having to drive back there from the SGV!.

          Also, post about Pann's are the only repeated post about places that I always read. Especially the "My first time post" about Pann's. It is always fun to recall my first time when I read the words from others about the Googie ambiance, the service and, oh, that food. So you must post about your first time.

          Pann's -- on this page it might be necessay to click on the buttons atr the bottom of the page for the menu to pop-up.

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            Are they 24/7? Just thinking when I get up too early with the HOT FLASHES. I could get in the car and head on over for some good comfort food.

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              They are not 24/7. Not open especially late either. I wanna say they close around 9 or 10pm, but call to confirm.

              Pann's Restaurant & Coffee Shop
              6710 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

      2. Pann's is maybe the best diner-type food in the area. No, it is the best diner food in the area.

        I don't believe they serve waffles at dinner, but call. Apparently they do serve their famous biscuits at dinner

        They do have excellent chili. Their fried chicken is superb. Do a search on what others like about Pann's.

        The restaurant is in the middle of a rather large business area.

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          They serve wings & waffles day and night.

        2. I just went back to Pann's yesterday, after a long long time. Pann's fried chicken: really nicely fried, crispy, but no flavor. The biscuit: it's fine, not so memorable, the raves are out of whack. They use margarine, not butter. Eggs and homestyle potatoes: standard diner.
          But yes you should def go if you haven't been. Oogie the Googie, good service, check out the chicken for yourself.
          Ladera Heights-ish is not scary.

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            I dont know what you are talking about in regards to margarine, because when I siting at the counter last week. I saw a tub of butter being scooped into small paper cups to be served with biscuits. In my mind the fried chicken is some of the best in LA.

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              I beilieve the poster was stating that margarine is employed as an *ingredient* in their biscuit recipe, as opposed to butter...

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                You saw it. But did you eat it? The tub must be margarine. I got my order to go and got a small container of the margarine. I'm assuming you get the same whether you dine in or take out.

                And right, margarine also used to make the biscuit.

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                      You're entitled to your opinion. You're just not entitled to your own facts. Call them and ask for yourself.

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                        You are dead wrong bud. It is butter not margarine.

                        1. re: Schweinhaxen

                          Bud? What the..

                          You guys need to get the facts before spewing at others.

                          According to Pann's it is "half margarine and half butter." But having eaten it, and seen the consistency after being in a styrofoam container for 20 minutes, it seems to be more than 50% margarine.

              2. Never eaten there, but I drive by it every time I go to LAX. That would be countless times at every hour of the day and night over the years. I would hardly call it scary, I suppose it's a fair question, as scary and dangerous are two totally different things. I don't find it to be either one, but the type of person who finds otherness to be scary and depending what other is to that person, could make it feel scary. There's always Mel's on Sunset, which scares the hell out of me ; )

                  1. Bully, check out Pann's menu at its web site:


                    1. fwiw, i went to pann's once and had a horrible meal.
                      i'm sure that i ordered the 'wrong' things.
                      here's what i got:

                      waffle (about the same quality as a frozen waffle available in the frozen dept of any supermarket--not at all special)
                      vanilla shake (made with cheap vanilla ice cream with a horrible aftertaste of artificial vanilla flavor--completely disgusting)
                      grilled cheese (made with the worst institutional brand of cheese and the bread was burned)

                      all in all, everything was awful.
                      when i read all of the raves on this board for the place, most mention other menu items.

                      1. The fried chicken is better at Pann's than at Dinah's, and I've been to both many times over the years. Easy to get to, in the Ladera Heights area, when taking La Cienega to the 405 south.

                        1. In times past I've wondered if I was becoming a shill for this place - if so, they owe me some real money! - but even though I'm in Pasadena I grab any excuse to be near the Magic Triangle around lunchtime. I have had a bite of their waffle and was not impressed, and yes, the vegetable sides are perfunctory at best, right down there with school cafeteria food at its blandest. But I always have to have that pea soup, and the too-sweet pineapple-laced coleslaw, and biscuits if they've got'em (and I'm SO glad to hear they're available all day now!). One thing that impresses me greatly is that instead of just one generic gravy they get from a can, they have at least three distinctly home-made ones, which they dish out appropriately for chicken dishes, brown meats, and chicken-fried steak. All good. There's a stuffed chicken breast special that shows up now and then that's as good as these things get, but their fried chicken is perhaps the best of its kind I've ever had. And it comes from some truly monster chickens!

                          And you can get a beer or glass of wine with that, too. And now you know why I'm glad I left Nashville!

                          1. While I haven't eaten at Pann's, I drive past it regularly and the neighbourhood is not that bad. You'll be fine, even at night. Ladera Heights is a nice little place.

                            1. Just had lunch here today ... had the tuna melt on board recommendations with onion rings ... it was really solid. The bread had great texture (fluffy and crispy on the edges) and the tuna had strong tuna flavor (a good thing!) - but the revelation were the onion rings! Crispy and fried thoroughly, the onion rings were also very "meaty" in the sense the there was a lot of onion relative to the batter. Too many times bad onion rings have a scrawny thread of onion inside a gigantic batter casing. Not here.

                              I sat at the bar and hoovered my food - the waitress manning the counter was really nice and a jokester to boot! Will definitely come back. I think the next time I'll try one of the October specials ... steak and eggs (with a biscuit and a side) for $11.99!

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                                Good description of the onion rings, donnival. Although I don't find them especially "meaty" -- and don't look for that in a good onion ring -- they are certainly not the uninteresting "scrawny thread of onion inside a gigantic batter casing," as you put it so well.

                                Pann's biscuits are probably tops in Los Angeles but are not up to the best in many other parts of the country. They seem heavier than they should be but pull apart into nice biscuity (instead of bready) pieces. Fresh jam from a grandma whose attorneys don't insist on packaging her product in little foil-covered plastic tubs would be a good accompaniment.

                                I like the Monday dinner special, stuffed green pepper, but didn't care for a recent order of salmon croquettes, which were slightly fishy and dry and formed as patties, not croquettes. They really needed a light, all-enveloping cream gravy.

                                The plates are so ample that I've never had dessert at Pann's. Their cakes and pies look homey but not quite as luscious as at the Bake n' Broil, for example, where the food overall is somewhat better. Both places would improve greatly with more-appealing vegetables. Like Servorg, I generally wind up with the (decent) steamed spinach but would love to have spinach au gratin, fried okra, or turnip greens, e.g.

                                I don't want to forget the fries, which are mighty fine. They look almost as good as the fabulous-looking (for a change), tasteless, and cardboard-textured fries I had at an In-n-Out the other day but are delicious and actually remind you of fresh potatoes. Somebody send a memo to In-n-Out.

                                1. re: sbritchky

                                  I didn't mean "meaty" in the traditional sense (meat-like) - more like, "thick" or "substantial" ... hope that clarifies.

                                  1. re: donnival

                                    I knew what you meant, but the last time I had onion rings only a couple would have fit your definition of "meaty" -- and that was fine with me.

                                    1. re: sbritchky

                                      Glad we were on the same wavelength in terms of description, at least!

                                    1. re: Bully

                                      In Long Beach near the LB Airport.

                                2. re: dinah's

                                  there are three menu items there that i heartily recommend, that's it.
                                  the items that i think are terrific are:
                                  the baked german pancake
                                  the baked apple pancake
                                  the chile relleno omlette.

                                  the rest of their stuff ranges from sort of fair to ok.

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                                    I also like Dinah's creamed spinach and roast chicken. The Radisson hotel used to be our recommended hotel, long before Howard Hughes was built, so my choices for food were Dinah's, and a little italian place down the street near the grocery store.

                                    Dinah's is not as good as Pann's. I ate at Pann's twice last week, and was pleased to see it hadn't changed at all in the 10 years I've been working in LA. The Cobb was pretty good - basic, but no flaws, everything was fresh. And I liked the open face turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes a lot.

                                  2. I found some pictures on Yahoo. Mmmmmmmm. Do they have waffles and chicken in the evening? I love fried gizzards and chicken livers, do they have them?

                                    Is it close enough to the Sheraton 4 points at LAX so I can go have a good beer at the famous 4 points beer program bar?

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                                    1. Besides serving the best patty melt in the known universe, Pann's also has bracingly cold splits of bubbly for the fetching Mme Grubbe.

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                                      1. re: Mr Grub

                                        Good Patty Melt at Pann's? Well I hope it is better than the mediocre burger that I ordered rare and received well done for lunch recently! I guess I'll have to try it but your claim of "...the best patty melt in the known universe..." is hard for me to believe! Best Patty Melt that I've ever had was recently at Boneyard Bistro, mucho dinero but worth it!

                                        Dara Thai Cafe
                                        3655 W Anthem Way Ste B127, Anthem, AZ 85086

                                        1. re: sel

                                          Having had both, Pann's patty melt is amazingly good, and their burgers merely adequate. Damned if I can figure that one out, unless it's that both the smallish burger patty and the half-pound melt patty get cooked the same amount of time. However it is, I know enough now to skip any burger there unless I'm hungry enough for the PM.

                                          1. re: Will Owen

                                            Just to set the Pann's patty melt record completely straight: Not a stinking half pound - oh no - it's 2/3rd's of a manly pound! ;-D

                                            1. re: Servorg

                                              Gawd - no wonder it almost kilt me! I guess it's been so long, and I've had maybe six more elsewhere (yes, it's an obsession!) that were all half-pounders, that I'd forgotten.

                                              You know, LA is supposed to be the Mother Church of the hamburger, but I'm beginning to think that the Patty Melt is THE iconic SoCal item, since there are so many radically good ones...mostly in good old-fashioned coffee shops!

                                              1. re: Will Owen

                                                OK, I will try Pann's Will. But beyond Pann's what are the "..radically good ones..." that I should try? Boneyard's is wonderful but for me it is in the realm of a special occasion meal!

                                                1. re: sel

                                                  Another solid "everyday" style patty melt is the one at Nichols in Marina Del Rey (in the same shopping center as Jerry's Deli). What sets Pann's pm apart is the quality of the meat, (so juicy, savory and not overly dense) and the ratio of the cheese and onions to the meat and grilled rye bread.

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                                                    Harry's (which IS 24-hour!) in Burbank, about a block north from IKEA. The Busy Bee in Ventura. Ummm...now I'm running dry, but I'll probably think of some more when I wake up at 3 ayem. One that was terribly disappointing was Pie'n'Burger; J. Gold went on and on about it, and he's usually a reliable guide for me, but the one I got was shrivelled, overcooked, just barely warm and had a tiny square of un-melted cheese food laid on top. Profoundly disappointing, but perhaps they were having an off day.

                                                    BTW, as I don't really care for grilled rye bread but adore grilled sourdough, that's how I order mine.

                                            2. re: sel

                                              sel, I 100% agree with you that Boneyard's is, to me, the best in the known universe. See my recent thread on the nirvana that is BB's Patty Melt ... ahhhhmmm, I want one NOW!!!

                                          2. I ate at Pann's today and noticed that the wings have shrunk! They were just normal small chicken wings as opposed to the usual juicy monstrosities. I hope this isn't a permanent change. Biscuits were fabulous as always.