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Oct 23, 2008 07:28 AM

[West London] Decent Gastropub for tonight?

I'm entertaining an Italian businessman who I've taken to Indian, Chinese Persian and Dim Sum over the last few days. Last night and I thought I'd take him somewhere simple tonight...

I'm looking for a simple restaurant or gastropub in the Hammersmith/Chiswick/Richmond area. Any ideas on the best one that I can get a booking for or turn up early? He eats everything and I am a pescetarian...

Good wine list would be a plus though I don't want a heavy night as we are flying out early in the be continued on the SF board!

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  1. Ah - my local area. I'd head for either of these two:

    Princess Victoria is probably the most interesting / new thing around. Went there last night for dinner, but a long wait for a table, so we had bar snacks instead - which were: Potted crab, Stilton, apple and walnut salad, and a huge board of Spanish cured meats with quince paste and manchego. It's been consistently good there - the place is newly renovated. Very noisy tho, not great for a quiet chat.

    Then there's The Carpenters Arms on Black Lion Lane, also recently refurbished - similar deal food-wise, a little more expensive, and little more formal.

    Then there's the old guard: The Anglesea Arms and The Raven (much more beery). The Dove on the river for something historic - but food is less of a feature there.

    Any questions, ask away.

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    1. re: therubyslippers

      Thanks, trs; sounds like you've done your research!

      A couple of questions;
      - do any have a decent wine list?
      - are any noted for non-meat ie. fish or vegetarian?

      Thanks again!

      1. re: frogprince

        They both have good wine lists - the Princess Vic more so I'd say. Everything from a £12 bottle to £hundreds.

        Hmmm, I wouldn't say either was especially noted for fish / veggie, but there's always been something on the menu to my memory.

        If you want something purely fish, there's FishHook and Fishworks - both in Chiswick. Never tried FishHook, but Fishworks is always good, if a more generic experience. Doesn't tick your gastopub box mind you!

        I'd probably plump for the Princess Vic on balance. A friend of mine reviewed it here, she's an ex wine journalist too:

        Be interested to hear where you get to, and what you think.

      1. re: PhilD

        Oh yes, forgot about The Devonshire - had a couple of nice meals there. Very good on the pie front.

        1. re: therubyslippers

          Plumped for the Princess Vic in the end but they have 2 sittings...

          Thanks for all the efforts!