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Oct 23, 2008 06:47 AM

levain bakery cookies

anyone try to make the cookies from levain bakery (NYC UWS) at home? I think they are basically chocolate chip cookie dough, underbaked, extra large, with lots of melted chocolate and cocoa. But maybe more egg, less leveaning??

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    1. I have found that a critical technique for achieving the texture of the Levain Chocolate Chip/Nut cookie is to make the cookie dough, then let it "rest" in the fridge for 24-48 hours before baking it. I've had luck getting the gooey center by setting the oven to 375 F then dropping the temp to about 330 F a few minutes after the dough goes in the oven. Also, I use Plugra in lieu of the average grocery mart butter.

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        What is Plugra, where do you get it. Do you use a convection setting or regular bake?

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          Plugra is a high-milk-fat butter (82% milk fat) made in the US in the "European Style."

          If you are in NYC, you can get Plugra at Trader Joe's in Union Square, or at any of the Whole Foods Markets (where you'll pay twice as much as at TJ's).

          itryalot, if you are in Canada, you may find this thread helpful:

          I use a non-convection setting at home. If you have a convection oven, use initial temps of 347F/175C, then drop to 302F/150C to finish with fan on low.

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            Thanks. Good info. 82% - good lord!!