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Oct 23, 2008 06:24 AM

How to contact fellow hounds

Is there any way to contact a fellow hound to discuss non-chow topics or to generally network? For instance, if a non-chow subject comes up during general discussion on a specific thread, is there a way to message the other poster? Here are 2 specific instances:

1. A warehouse store being discussed is convenient to a quilt shop I frequent. I wrote in my post that I tend to go to that particular warehouse store more than others because of it's proximity to the quilt shop. The other poster expressed an interest in quilting & in knowing where other shops might be. How do we get in touch with each other off line? How much exchanging of info regarding the quilting is appropriate on the original thread? How do I divulge my email address if I want the other individual to contact me?

2. There was a discussion about a local Asian market. Many of us in that local area expressed a desire to visit the market together, or at least meet each other there. How do we communicate thaty without getting "chatty" on a board?

I don't want to go beyond Chowhound's boundries. Another board that I frequent, Yelp, has this facility, and it's very convenient.

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  1. Here are the guidelines for organizing food related meetups:

    In terms of discussing non-food topics, some people post their email addresses in their profiles. You can also simply post a short note in the thread saying something like 'This is getting off topic, but I'd love to continue the conversation.' and provide your email address for the other person to reach you.

    We ask that people not post 'I'm coming to your town, where should I eat? Please email me at ...' type posts because emailed tips don't get shared with the larger community, but if you're going off topic, then a request for an email is fine.