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Oct 23, 2008 06:15 AM

Which cheese for pulled pork quesadilla

Hi...i'm making some pulled pork quesadillas for my husband tonight. Which cheese(s) would you recommend putting inside?

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  1. I would keep it simple and use something like Jack so the pork would not be overwhelmed.

    1. go authentic and use queso chihuahua

      1. Sonoma Jack is delicious. I like it better than Monterey Jack. It has a subtle cheddar-like tang.

        1. I cooked a large pork shoulder last weekend and we've had quesadillas the last two nights. I used a cheddar/jack mix and they were great. I also use Oaxaca cheese when I can get to a Hispanic market. IMO it's the best for quesadillas.

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            Seconding Oaxaca. It melts very nicely (better, IMHO than Jack) and tastes great.

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              Cool...i'm pretty close to a hispanic market, so i'm going to head over that way and see if i can find some. Thanks for the suggestions!