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Oct 23, 2008 05:50 AM

Anyone try (ri) 1 yet?

This product just showed up in one of my local liquor stores, and from what I can find on the Web it was just released this month. It's a rye in a very nice looking bottle, with a fairly high price tag for a rye: $50. I considered picking it up, but then I started reading the marketing pamphlet on the side of the bottle and the last page said something like "your drink should make you look cool". As someone who doesn't drink to look cool I figured I would blow my $50 on something less hip and guaranteed to be tasty.

Even though I didn't buy it, my curiosity has been piqued and I'm wondering if anyone here has tried this stuff yet. Any good? Worth the investment? My favorite rye at the moment is the Wild Turkey Rye, priced at around $20, so if I'm going to pay $50 I would hope for something pretty special...

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  1. This is Jim Beam's effort to get rye into nightclubs with a cool, vodka-style bottle. I haven't tried it and will certainly reserve judgment until I do, but I'm not hopeful. If you like the other Beam ryes (JB and Old Overholt), my guess is you will like it. The question is whether it tastes significantly different than these significantly cheaper ryes from Beam.

    If you're looking to pay in the $50 range for a rye, pick up some Sazerac 18 year old, Thomas Handy or Old Potrero. I'm guessing R1 won't outshine these great ryes.

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      to the above list of ryes to drink if you're willing to pay more and want a really great one, try the Van Winkle 20 y/o or the Black Maple Hill 23 y/o or the Hirsch 20 y/o. all smooth as silk

    2. I tried some recently and wasn't quite able to make up my mind as to how I felt about it. I do know this though -- It's certainly not worth dropping $50 on. I'm with sku 100% on his suggestions for an alternative.

      1. The first thing I thought when I saw an ad for this product was "Wow, I hadn't expected rye to hit the Total Douchebag market quite so quickly!"