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Oct 23, 2008 05:31 AM

HELP! Headed to Montreal Tomorrow with a family of Foodies!

We are taking our 2 boys (ages 9, 12) to Montreal for the weekend. We basically travel to cities and eat our way through as we live in remote VT with limited restuarants.
We love everything from sushi and seafood to game meat. I am leery of PDC as it may be a bit extreme? I LOVE Pate and Fois Gras, but hubby isn't fond of it...

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  1. Head to the Montreal Pool Room for some outstanding Poutine.

    We were there about a year ago. Both concierges we saw recomended it. There is also a french guy at the pizza place we go to here in TO and he says it's the best in Montreal.


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    1. re: Davwud

      > Head to the Montreal Pool Room for some outstanding Poutine.

      You're kidding, right? ;-) Maybe as a quick snack with the kids staying in the car, but that's not exactly a family-friendly kind of place or location.

      You might want to check out a recent Montreal-with-kids post:

      Have a great trip!

      1. re: kpzoo

        I did check out those posts, however, it seems the people looking for kid-friendly restaurants were with toddlers or looking for pizza sticks LOL? My kids are very use to 5 star and big city "class" (San Fran, Boston, NYC, etc.), but we aren't necessarily looking for just that. Just a fun place with atmosphere and Great, rememorable food. So much to choose from that I don't know where to start. I am a wino and my husband a micro brew/local beer fanatic.

        1. re: skigirlvt

          I don't know the area and I should've pointed out. We took ours to go. It is a hole in the wall.
          It was damned good though. The poutine that is. The dogs sucked.


      2. re: Davwud

        Montreal Pool Room might be a big tourist destination, but foodwise it's really nothing to shout about.

        There are many places that do steamies as well and poutine way better.

      3. APDC is not as extreme as it sounds, the foie gras is star but is not featured in every dish. That being said, it will ne nearly impossible to get a table for four on such a short notice. For poutine, I'm positively sure that the best is found at La Banquise (Rachel st. near Christophe-Colomb).

        If you like food and variety, JEan-Talon market is the place to go either on sat. on sun. morning. Outside market with many vendors. You'll find some cheeseshops and butchershops and ethnic specialties.

        Near there, on Jean-Talon, there's Petit Alep. Syrian food of great quality and very affordable fun food to eat and very tasty.

        1. For an interestingly fun lunch, try Marche Movenpick, 1 Place Ville Marie
          Montreal, QC H3B4R7 Canada +1 514 861 8181. It's 30,000 sq ft schmorgashbord of interesting, made to order foods. A quality foodcourt on steriods. Something for everyone.

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          1. re: lsashin

            I believe that place has been closed for many years, now.

            1. re: SnackHappy

              Yup, many, many years! Never even got to try it - seemed to open and close within a relatively short time span.

              1. re: kpzoo

                I got to try it and it was a temple of mediocrity. The kind of food you'd expect from an airport food court

                Some of those places are still around, but they've changed their name to Richtree Market.

          2. I take my boys to L'Express, PDC, Holder and Joe Beef every visit.

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            1. re: croslan

              Thank you! I have all those written down. I always worry about the tourist traps that get high ratings just because of well.. tourists. :) I live in an area with MANY restuarants, however, most the locals don't eat at b/c the food is not worth the price. All hype. At PDC what do kids usually go for? Out of hte four (we have only 2 nights) which is best?

              1. re: skigirlvt

                Depends what your kids like. My 12-year-old loves the bavette and fries at PDC, but there are many other options to try, which don't necessarily involve foie gras.
                Rather than Joe Beef, you might want to try Liverpool House - I've found it to be very kid-friendly, and it's the same owners. Joe Beef is so tiny, it's not easy to get in to with 4 on short notice, either. Holder and L'Express are not terribly dissimilar, menu-wise - both bistros - but Holder is bigger and noiser, although both would be fine. Another option would be Lemeac (which I prefer to Holder and L'Express, but again it can be difficult to get in on a weekend). In any case, you can't go wrong with any of the above suggestions (except, of course, the Pool Room - I would never suggest that for anyone, let alone anyone with kids). La Banquise for lunch (poutine) would be fun, too.

            2. A bit off the radar, but interesting, Club Espagnol de Quebec, a combination social club/restaurant. Not much in the way of decor (think American Legion chic) but they offer tapas as well as paellas and zarzuela. Nothing over the top, but some basic, good fare (sardines, spanish tortillas, great mussels, etc). Maybe a few tapas and share a paella.

              Perhaps Chinatown for Sunday Dim Sum lunch. Maybe Ruby Rouge on Clark.

              I agree with Campo - APDC isn't too extreme. You can easily find something to make everyone happy

              "....I am a wino..." gotta love that ; /)