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Oct 23, 2008 05:11 AM

oolong tea

Does anyone know if Trader Joe's or Whole Foods in the Baltimore area has oolong tea? I just read about it online and want to try it.

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  1. I have not specifically looked for oolong at either TJs for Whole Foods, but I'd say they *ought* to have it -- it's not that much of a specialty item.

    I do know that you can get oolong tea at HMart (in Catonsville), since that's where I got mine.

    1. Any decent Asian grocery will have oolong (and many other varieties), loose or in bags.

      1. The Trader Joe's on Route 7 does not have oolong, but each TJ's orders its own stock, so another might have it in. In fact, if you do find the Jade Oolong at TJ's, please post back to this board. It is the best bagged oolong tea I've ever had, and I'm crushed that my closest TJ's no longer carries it.

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          Not at TJ's in Towson or my grocery store's organic aisle or tea/coffee aisle. Still searching. Whole Foods is just such a pain to get to (parking).

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   if you really want to go down the rabbit hole.

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              Teavana in Tysons is a great place to buy tea,the people who work there are wonderful and very helpful.
              I get my Darjeeling ' Makaibari' first flush at they should have some oolong for you.

        2. Shan Shui in Washington D.C. looks to have some nice oolongs.

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            Ten Renh is a big tea company out of Taiwan and they sell boxes of very nice High Mountain Oolong at all the Asian Markets and they have two standalone stores I know of--College Park Rt 1 south of UM and in a stripmall on Rockville Pike. They do bubble teas too. The UM one serves cooked food--cheap and nice. The Rockville one is mostly about tea.

            1. re: chowsearch

              I agree with chowsearch, other than getting award winning small batch Oolong teas from private sources in Taiwan, the place I would go is Ten Ren tea on Rockville Pike. With the best and original Oolong being produced in Taiwan, I think a trip to Ten Ren Rockville to learn about varieties of Oolong, would yield enough unpacked loose tea/ teabags for a few months. They are first and formost the most comprehensive Taiwanese tea store here. Ten Ren being the number one tea shop in Taiwan, they were the ones that started popularizing Oolong decades ago, and started tea farming to a scale we see today. If you can't make Rockville, and you just want any good ol' Oolong, the one in college park also has standard grade Oolong.