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Oct 23, 2008 03:53 AM

Tarry Lodge: is it open for lunch ?

i've check their website, but no found no mention of opening times and wish they'd update the site. Are they open for lunch?

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  1. nope.......dinner only......closed on Tuesdays

    1. made a reservation there today for next week, off hr.s slightly available, 6 o'clock best i could do, asked about lunch, it is another month til they start operating at lunch time

        1. re: sixelagogo

          They open at 4 on Saturday, so you could do a late lunch/early dinner. I'm doing this tomorrow at 4:30. Odd time to eat, but it's the time I could get!

          1. re: Boswell

            Are reservations as tough to get on weeknights?

        2. Anyone know if they're doing take out?