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Oct 23, 2008 03:16 AM

Diana in Guelph revisited

Awhile ago a Chowhound asked for good restaurants in Guelph. One of our family lives there, and is a member of several local musical groups. She introduced us to Diana Downtown, an Indian restaurant that also serves a regular menu, when musicians and ourselves gathered there after a concert last year. Last week we revisited Diana Downtown at 141 Wyndham St. North before another concert. One of our party, the timpanist, had to get away quickly to set up his instruments and asked for quick service. He had his meal in 10 minutes. I ordered buttered chicken - delicious. It was lunch so I took half of it home. I'd recommend Diana downtown for its cuisine, its central location, the decor and the friendly wait staff. I plan to return there.

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  1. I have always enjoyed the Diana, but have to admit, I'm surprised by the fact that you got fast service, that's a bit of a rarity.

    I would say though that it's more a restaurant with a 'regular' menu that also has a good selection of tasty Indian food.

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      If you need quick service, I'll e-mail our friend the timpanist and ask him what he ordered. He's had to eat and run before because of the nature of his instruments (tuning, warming up on cold days etc.) and he orders a special meal. It looked good, but I don't know what it was. Anyway when he replies, I'll get back to you.

      1. re: Bob Catt

        I've heard from my timpanist friend, and here's what he says about the quick service he received at Diana:

        "As soon as I saw the waitress I told her I would have to leave in 35 minutes and, without reference to the menu (which I know well), asked for Lemon Butter Chicken off the light menu. She kindly rang it up immediately, before returning to the table to take the other order. That is why she was able to get it for me prior to the other meals arriving at the table. "

        1. re: Bob Catt

          Heh, thanks Bob. That's very thorough of you. *grin* I live in TO these days, so the chances of me needing a quick meal at the Diana are pretty slim, although, this post had me craving it...