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Oct 23, 2008 02:57 AM

St. Louis: how is Franco these days?

I could not resist: on the Y-98 website, I bought a $50 certficate for Franco for only $15. The certificate is good only Mon - Thurs.

When I go to, half of the reviews say that Franco is a primo dining spot, and the other half say it is a dreadful dining spot.

So, how is Franco these days? What should I expect when I go there with my incredibly cheap certificate. (There are still more Franco certificates available on the Y-98 website).

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  1. My absolute favorite spot in St. Louis. Consistent, quality and delicious food in an unpretentious environment. Best frites in town. Ate there last week and had the chicken, I know boring, but so hearty and flavorful. Mussels, trout and sefood stew are other favorites. The bread is homemade, they use local ingredients whenever possible and truly passionate about their food and the dining experience. Mon-Thurs - I know Mon is 1/3 off wine and Wednesday sometimes there is music in the bar. Oh - and sweetbreads, not to be missed. I hope you enjoy. I beleive they update their menu on their webiste weekly as well. Happy eating.

    1. Thanks for the information regarding the gift certificates, I immediately bought a few.

      I've eaten at Franco twice and have had a great experience both times. The menu items have been fresh and well executed and we've had good service on our visits.

      1. I used my Y-98 coupon at Franco's last night. I am VERY GLAD that we went. It was one of the finest meals we have had in St. Louis. Everyone had three courses, and we enjoyed everything. My summary: "The food was perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned."