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Where to watch the election results?

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We're looking for a good place to watch election results. We have a small TV, no cable, and would like to be out with other people instead of home alone. We could get a sitter for the kids but our time might be up before we see what we want to see, plus we want the older one to remember a bit of this (hopefully) historic event, not to be home in bed.

We live in Alameda but are willing to go to Oakland/Berkeley. The deal is we'll have 2 kids with us (a well-behaved young child and an easy baby) so the closer to home the better.

Issues are where can we sit for a few hours and watch coverage on a good-sized screen, that won't mind kids, for an unspecified length of time (as long as we keep eating and drinking)? Cost is less of an issue.

Ideas? Anyplace doing election night parties where it looks like kids would be welcome? Thanks.

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  1. Someone said the other day that the Parkway Theater in Oakland has a great election party in 2004, but I don't see it on their calendar.

    In Alameda, I'm guessing that McGee's will have the election on -- worth calling and asking what their plans are. They have both a restaurant and a bar, so the kids should be okay. My experience is that most of the food is dreadful, but the bar-type items (homefries, buffalo wings, etc.) are decent.

    Happily, it appears that the election may be called early -- the networks are reportedly "disaster planning" in anticipation of it being over when the polls close in the East; waiting to call it until the polls close on the West Coast will be a formality.

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      I think I was the 'someone' in Ruth's post: we were discussing it during the Banquet at Hunan in Fresno. The Parkway really was a great place to watch results in 2004 (if any place could have been called great in that context). I just checked their calendar also and don't see any November dates or events at all,but it would be worth a call to them. Warning: I think (?) they sold out in 2004 and I was glad we got there early...

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        I just realized something: I think the Parkway restricts attendance to over 21 only, other than for certain weekend shows. Their sister theater, the Cerrito (mentioned in another similar thread) does allow children (actually encourages babies) on Tuesdays, so that might be a better bet, if further from Alameda.

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          No one under 18 on a weekday, except for the babies on Tuesday.

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            Yeah, we'd thought of the Parkway but it's 18 and over at both theatres, even for Election Night, even though it happens to be Tuesday. forgot to mention that in my original post.

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            But the benefit is they serve beer and wine as well as the ever-average pizza.

            I'm looking for a spot on the peninsula, since we don't have television at home. I'm kind of hoping Old Pros in PA will have everything on, they've got the most screens around and a good burger.

            Good point about the wifi, though, last time I was watching on television it was torture. If there's a close state you want to burrow into the state's internals. I remember doing that with Ohio in 2000, and agreeing with Rove's early call.

            I saw an article on Sf election parties in SFGate... can't find with search...

            Yerba Buena Center is running Freedom of Art: Election Night ‘08

            There's Jack London Square in Oakland, here's the other topic:

            Retox in Dogpatch

            Check the SquidList, they've got a whole bunch of options:

            I might head to the Uptown in Oakland if it's called early

        2. re: Ruth Lafler

          I checked with McGee's and the said the will NOT have the election on -- she said they never do anything political "it's too hard to keep everyone happy."

        3. I wonder what going to be on on all the TVs at the new Brennan's.

          Also related thread.

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            Called Brennan's and they said they were going to have it on 1 TV, no volume.

          2. Maybe Looney's BBQ? Except that it's usually full of college students drinking too much beer.

            Hard to think of someplace that doesn't have the TV in the bar area. (Such as Pyramid Brewery.) Upstairs at T-Rex there's a fairly good sized TV and comfy chairs. I've seen young kids there. Might be really crowded, though.

            1. 33 Revolutions Cafe, right next to the Cerrito Theatre, is a kid-friendly, casual place that showed the debates. I would call them and see if they are planning anything for election night.

              If you're feeling cerebral, the International House on the Berkeley Campus is hosting an election viewing event with a panel: http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/...

              You could also check with local party chapters - I think the alameda green party was doing an event in oakland - I'm not sure if kids are allowed, but it can't hurt to ask... They may have other ideas.

              1. You might also consider bringing a laptop to somewhere with wifi. I went to a Super Tuesday party at Jillian's and nearly pulled my hair out, waiting for updates between CNN and Fox and watching the ticker tapes.

                1. How about the New Zealander way down at the very end of Webster? Really
                  great meat pies and marmite sandwiches, I'm pretty sure they've got a television,
                  and you'd be surrounded by people from some other country so if it all goes wrong
                  you can maybe make friends who can help smuggle you away.

                  Completely friendly place and they've got a little toy-stocked play area for kids. I'd
                  call first to check about the television and the hours.

                  New Zealander
                  1400 Webster St, Alameda, CA 94501

                  1. I was at Cesar on Piedmont tonight, and there was a note on the menu that invited people to come there to watch election results on Nov. 4; I asked the waiter if they were going to bring in a TV, and the waiter seemed not to have seen that note on the menu and said no, but I think it's worth a follow up phone call this week to check. That would be a fun place to be. There are also some good suggestions in this thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/566781

                    1. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far. I have some calling around to do and will post what I find here.

                      1. I walked by the LaVal's on Bay Farm Island in Alameda yesterday, and I noticed they were having a 2-for-1 pizza special on election day. The sign didn't explicitly say that they would be showing election results live, but I imagine they would. Even if they don't, it seems they have free wireless there, so you can always follow Windy's suggestion.

                        Can't vouch for the pizza, since I've never eaten there. Have been to the branch in Berkeley years ago and remember it being decent.

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                        1. re: Martin Strell

                          Maybe they were advertising for their take-out business for all those people who are going to be home glued to their TVs!

                        2. In Alameda -- from another thread, someone said Speisekammer: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5667...