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Oct 22, 2008 11:12 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Orange County

Hello there:

My family and I usually go to Arizona for Thanksgiving. However, this year is a bit different because of conflicting work shedules.
Here's what I would like to ask. Are there any good places around Orange County that are serving Thanksgiving dinner? We are in Irvine and would rather not travel a long way to find a place. We want to pay a total of around $100 (give or take $20) for three people. No kids in the family, just two adults and a 20-year-old.


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    1. re: Khojem

      Try Mr. Stox in Anaheim. I don't remember the cost but the meal was great.

    2. You may not be interested in this but the Disneyland hotels usually do a Thanksgiving buffet. Not including Napa Rose (beyond your budget) you'd have a choice of Storyteller's Cafe , PCH Grill, or Goofy's Kitchen. The price is about $36 pp, Call Disney Dining 1-714-781-DINE IMMEDIATELY to reserve.

      Storyteller's Cafe has the most adult atmosphere, a Craftsman-themed room. It's in the Grand Californian Hotel and you could stroll Downtown Disney afterwards, which is always decorated nicely for the holidays.

      If that isn't for you, I would call the nearby hotels. Most would be doing something for out-of-town guests.

      1. Open Table has a long list of restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner in Orange County, I'm sure you can find something that sounds suitable.

        1. I know it gets slammed sometimes, but I've had GREAT Thanksgiving dinner at Claimjumpers. Good pie too

          1. 2nd Mr. Stox though I think it's closer to $40 per adult.

            The Summit House in Fullerton also does one, but guessing its also closer to $30/person.