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Thanksgiving Dinner in Orange County

Hello there:

My family and I usually go to Arizona for Thanksgiving. However, this year is a bit different because of conflicting work shedules.
Here's what I would like to ask. Are there any good places around Orange County that are serving Thanksgiving dinner? We are in Irvine and would rather not travel a long way to find a place. We want to pay a total of around $100 (give or take $20) for three people. No kids in the family, just two adults and a 20-year-old.


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    1. re: Khojem

      Try Mr. Stox in Anaheim. I don't remember the cost but the meal was great.

    2. You may not be interested in this but the Disneyland hotels usually do a Thanksgiving buffet. Not including Napa Rose (beyond your budget) you'd have a choice of Storyteller's Cafe , PCH Grill, or Goofy's Kitchen. The price is about $36 pp, Call Disney Dining 1-714-781-DINE IMMEDIATELY to reserve.

      Storyteller's Cafe has the most adult atmosphere, a Craftsman-themed room. It's in the Grand Californian Hotel and you could stroll Downtown Disney afterwards, which is always decorated nicely for the holidays.

      If that isn't for you, I would call the nearby hotels. Most would be doing something for out-of-town guests.

      1. Open Table has a long list of restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner in Orange County, I'm sure you can find something that sounds suitable.

        1. I know it gets slammed sometimes, but I've had GREAT Thanksgiving dinner at Claimjumpers. Good pie too

          1. 2nd Mr. Stox though I think it's closer to $40 per adult.

            The Summit House in Fullerton also does one, but guessing its also closer to $30/person.

            1. Lulu's Creperie Cafe in Laguna Hills is offering a lovely Thanksgiving dinner for $30 fixed price for adults, including a glass of wine with dinner! They are located at 24781 Alicia Parkway (right off the 5 fwy) in Honali Plaza.

              1. The Ritz in Fashion Island. $45 or 55? Outta town so I didn't pay attention. Should be far better than other recommendations.

                1. I'm preferrential to The Clubhouse in Costa Mesa at South Coast Plaza. I've not checked out their Thanksgiving spread, but I have been to their Champagne Sunday brunch...and it's fabulous.

                  The Clubhouse
                  3333 Bristol, Costa Mesa, CA

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                    I believe The Clubhouse is gone.

                    1. re: russkar

                      I'm still getting E-mails from them, their website is still operational, there are some pretty recent YELP reviews, and my sister works at South Coast Plaza. I think the restaurant is still exists.

                      1. re: attran99

                        and they show the 2008 Thanksgiving event info. on their website


                      2. re: russkar

                        I'm pretty sure The Clubhouse is not gone, I had lunch there a month ago and their website is still active. Don't know about the Thanksgiving meal

                      3. re: attran99

                        Went there for Mothers Day last year - not impressed - will not be going there again.

                        1. re: redhawkca

                          Since they're closing, it won't be an issue. By the way, this thread is about a year old.

                          1. re: Philly

                            According to the Orange County Register, the Clubhouse will close at the end of the year (2009.)

                      4. I've always made my own (50 hour prep) Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately I can't this year.

                        We made reservations at Charlie Palmer's (Napa Rose was booked) because we've enjoyed a couple great meals at Charlie Palmer's. I can't wait, they are top-notch!

                        1. I have not been at The Ritz Restaurant in Newport Beach in years...but several years ago, when the restaurant was owned by Hans Prager, they served fantastic holiday meals. We had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner there about 15 years ago. Has anyone been there recently??

                          1. I've gone to Scott's Restaurant in Costa Mesa for the last couple of years for Thanksgiving & always find the menu to be reasonably priced, fresh, unique & tasty. The service is unparalleled & the ambiance is amazing. I love the dedication & attention to detail this restaurant has & the fact that it's not run by a cooperation, but has heart & sole! Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

                            Scott's Restaurant
                            3300 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

                            1. Coming up on Thanksgiving 2011 here. Looking for some places for Thanksgiving dinner for no more than $30 per person. We're still in Irvine.

                              Some place not too far away would be great!

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                                We went to Five Crowns in CDM last year for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful. Traditional turkey dinner with all the sides and dessert for a reasonable price. Highly recommend it.

                                Five Crowns
                                3801 East Coast Highway, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625