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Oct 22, 2008 09:13 PM

Starbucks Question

Ok, I feel like an idiot for asking this, but I need some help. I'm just new to the Starbucks thing (my friend introduced me to my new favourite drink), but I'm not sure how to order. Every time I've ordered my drink in Toronto, there has never been any confusion as to what I've wanted, and I've received my order without any problems. But, since I've been in Edmonton, over half of my orders have been wrong. Am I not ordering correctly? Should I be more specific?

Here's what I normally say in Toronto:

May I please have a grande soy vanilla creme, no whip, 5 pumps of vanilla.

(Basically, it's just warmed soy milk (no coffee) with vanilla flavouring, no whipped cream, and extra vanilla.)

Sometimes I get served vanilla flavoured coffe here, sometimes my order has whipped cream on it and other times I don't even know what I get. How should I be ordering? What exactly should I say to eliminate confusion when at Starbucks? Your help is appreciated.

Merci beaucoup!

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  1. For what it's worth I think your ordering is fine. You seem to have had a run of bad luck as far as baristas go.

    1. I think your ordering is fine, too. Maybe the "creme" is confusing some of the baristas, who might hear it and think "cream" as in whipped cream? Try "steamed soy milk, no whip, 5 pumps of vanilla"--here's hoping that might work.

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        aktivistin, a "creme" in Starbucks-speak is a beverage without coffee so you have to include it in the ordering process or else they will add an espresso to the drink so I don't think that veganchelly can omit it.

        1. re: Jasz

          Ah, good to know! I thought I had ordered steamed (non-soy) milks from Starbucks that way, but could've just as likely been from Second Cup, Good Earth, or some other coffee shop.

      2. You can always skip the Starbucks speak, and just order exactly what you want in real English. I've never gotten into the special language they have, and have never had an incorrect order :)

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        1. re: mpjmph

          I'm with you re: avoiding Starbucks lingo. . . nice to have company, thought I was just a lone dinosaur.

        2. I would think that asking someone at a Starbucks would help clear things up.

          1. As an ex-Starbucks employee, our proper calling of that drink would be:

            "a grande 5 pump vanilla soy no whip vanilla creme."

            If you look at the side of your cup where all the little boxes are, the order that they appear in is the order we call makes it easier to remember all the different orders!