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Oct 22, 2008 09:13 PM

Anyone been to Backyard Grill?

Was hoping a few hounds have been to this restaurant?

How was it, what's good?

Thanks. Jedi

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  1. Backyard Grill in Chantilly is by my work. I wouldn't get excited over any of the food. More of a HH type of place - but the nice part during warm weather is being able to sit outside.

    Before the management changed, I know they had a Prime Rib Night (Mondays?) that people said was a really good deal. I haven't been in over 2 years, so I really can't vouch for anything. Although a co-worker of mine went a few weeks ago (she is a not a 'foodie') and got a salad. She said it was nothing special, but same thing, just a place to go drinking after work.

    Sorry to not be of more help in terms of choosing something tasty to eat...

    1. Bungalow Billiards is right around the corner. I'd go there instead. It can get a little smokey but the food is much better.

      1. I second the suggestion to try The Bungalow instead of Backyard Grill. I wrote BG off years ago. So I can't comment on how the food is now, just that I like Bungalow and refuse to go to Backyard Grill.