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Oct 22, 2008 08:40 PM

Rust on my Cast-Iron pan! Help!

A few years ago I received a beautiful cast-iron frying pan by Lodge as a gift -- I put it in my cabinet, planning at some point to season it and use it. And then, one day, on top of it, I must have put a slightly damp stainless steel colander, because it left all sort of little rust circles all over my pan. I've attached a picture of the pan.

I've been holding onto this pan since then, not knowing what to do with it. Is it still food-safe? Is there a way to get rid of the rust? To season it anew?

I would really appreciate any help, because I would love to use this pan!


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  1. Assuming just surface rust. You should be able to remove the rust with steel wool or scouring pad.

    Once you have the rust scoured off (this will be a bit of elbow grease), wash thouroughly with hot soap and water, and dry immediately.

    if this pan has never been seasoned or used, you will need to strip off the wax that they applied to the surfaces to reduce likelihood of rusting during transport.

    Apply the thinnest coat of cooking oil or shortening inside and out and re-season.

    Pretty sure it would be perfectly safe with the rust -- stuff would just taste metallic and look nasty. High in iron, though.

    1. Just take the rust off by scrubbing with soap and a nylon brush, or, if needed steel wool. Then just follow the directions on the Lodge web site for seasoning. It's quickest just to search for Lodge care. Nothing to worry about.

      1. Just clean it and season it. Rust isn't poisonous. You don't even have to worry about scrubbing really hard or anything either, a green scrubbie or steel wool pads are fine.

        Plenty of posts elsewhere on this board about seasoning cast iron.