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Oct 22, 2008 07:43 PM

dinner in Pasadena

My parents are coming to town this weekend, and they have offered to take me, my husband, and two of my friends out for dinner on Saturday. I'm having trouble thinking of a good place because we have a few restrictions.

Since they offered to take us all out, I don't want to go anyplace too expensive, but we definitely want a sit down restaurant. I'm thinking a place with entrees under $20. My mom can't eat gluten or dairy, so while she can find things on most menus, Italian, French, and Chinese food are difficult. And, to top it all off, my parents are both hard of hearing (particularly my mother, who wears hearing aids), so I need a place that's on the quiet side, or at least not too loud. I'm trying to think of a place along the lines of La Grande Orange, which fits all of the criteria except for the noise (I've only eaten inside there - is it any quieter at the outside tables?). Does anyone have any suggestions in the Pasadena area? I know I've got a lot of restrictions, but hopefully you guys can help me find the perfect spot!

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  1. I've always had a nice time at Camilio's in Eagle Rock and don't recall it being overly noisy.
    Larkin's, also in Eagle Rock, is quiet if you go on the early side, or sit outside. Have a great time.


    1. Malbec...on Green Street east of Lake.

      my sis-in-law also has gluten/other dietary issues...she's been satisfied with both the steak and herb chicken, and asks that they sub all veggies for any starch, etc. ...scroll down the menu for choices beyond pasta. the grilled veggies are great.

      noise? dunno. but quiet on a Saturday night and keeping in your price point is a bit of a challenge, tho you could ask for a remote corner ;-) enjoy .

      Malbec New Argentinian Cuisine
      1001 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91106

      1. Grande Orange is quieter outside, to be sure. Malbec (suggested above) is a good idea; it's in your price range. Cafe Verde is also nice; some choices under $20, and a couple around $23. It's BYOB, which also helps. It's tiny; on the other hand, it's not that loud because there are so few diners.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions! I know it's a bit of a challenge. Malbec does look like it would work. I've passed it so many times but have never been in.

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            I'll second Local's rec for Malbec. I was there during the July 4th weekend (around the time when they just opened) and it was very good.

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              i wish we can go there for our group dinner but their corkage policy is 2 bottles max!