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Oct 22, 2008 07:17 PM

Game on.

I'm looking for top notch game fare in London. I will be passing through for the better half of a week in mid-December and would appreciate suggestions.

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  1. I guess we are talking restaurants rather than buy to cook?

    Well, all the grand hotels (Berkeley, Dorchester, Connaught, Claridges, Ritz, (Savoy closed)) should all have excellent game right now. A few restaurants also make a bit of a thing about game, try Simpsons in The Strand, Wiltons and Rules. Rules has something of a tourist trap reputation but is actually fine I think. All these are pretty central.

    If you call ahead they will all tell you what they have to offer on the day.

    Prepare to be surprised by the prices I'm afraid. Actually I think pigeon beats game hands down. It is cheaper and I'm sure anyhere that has it would serve you one as a first course.


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    1. re: Robin Joy

      Robin - I agree about prices. Grouse is averaging £38 in the restaurants I have been to recently. I am told the shoots get between £1 and £3 a bird depending on age and sex. Someone is making money.

      1. re: PhilD

        they had pheasant on the menu at st john b & w yesterday and it was £30 for 2 ppl, and i would have thought they'd have it for a reasonable price at great queen st also

        1. re: PhilD

          I am an occasional Gun on a modest shoot on the Isle of Wight (the Garlic Farm actually) and I think we get about £5 per brace for pheasants. Grouse will fetch much more, but the mark-up still. seems very steep. However, not many restaurant owners drive Astons, and I guess they need to make their money when the chance arises.

        2. re: Robin Joy

          Thanks Robin. Wiltons seems like the right, stodgy British institution I was hoping for. Because the website does not list the a la carte prices, help pre-surprise me with an estimation of price for main courses. PhilD suggests that game fowl can fly north of £30 per plate.

          To be sure, I'm planning at least one meal at St. John.

          1. re: ulterior epicure

            Wiltons is the canteen for the Right Wing politico grandee set. Phil's £38 for grouse (any other game should be cheaper) is probably about right, but then you will be hit for about £4 for potatoes and each veg. which takes you to £50 and the whole bill will almost certainly have 12.5% service charge added so you are at nearly £60 for a main course with no drink! The same applies to all the other places I mentioned I'm afraid.

            This may help:


            Use the quick search box.

            1. re: Robin Joy

              Thanks Robin.

              Though, with the current state and down-trend of the British Pound, London might just be downright affordable by December.

        3. have not been myself, but hear the Harwood Arms in Fulham is serving some pretty special game fare at more reasonable prices than some of London's grander establishments

          1. The Anchor and Hope in the Cut had Grouse on the menu on Wednesday night. It was either £21 or £23, I can't remember. But judging by the quality of the other dishes I had there, it would be very good.

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            1. re: abpstigand

              I had it at the Anchor and Hope back in late August. Decided I much prefer wood pigeon, especially given the price. That being said, the grouse breast was delicious and well prepared. The leg meat was almost livery, so not so nice.

            2. Was very satisfied with the springbok (a South African antelope/gazelle) at Vivat Bacchus London Bridge as well as the kudu amuse bouche (another type of antelope). I think their original Clerkenwell location has the same menu. More details later.