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Oct 22, 2008 06:35 PM

best roast chicken I have ever made

I made roast chicken with 2 lemons from the Marcella Hazan Essentials cookbook tonight. I had to share...okay, maybe brag a little. It was amazing, I am not a white meat fan, it is always way too dry. However I ate half the breast. It was as juicy, if not juicier than when I have brined a chicken first. YUMMY!

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  1. So what was different about how it was prepared? What made it so great?

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    1. re: jpc8015

      i think you start cooking the bird, breast side down, if memory serves me. Before that you have to salt and pepper the cavity and poke 20 or so holes in your lemons.

      1. re: baldwinwood

        that is exactly right. I don't know if it is the lemons in the cavity or cooking with the breast side down that made it great, I assume probably a bit of both. I did not do much salt/pepper in the cavity though, just on the outside.

      1. re: Victoria724

        here it is :)

        mine did not 'puff up', but it did not affect the taste in the least.

        1. re: cleopatra999

          I make this recipe at least once a month and have done so for years. No matter how surgically I sew, I have never had one puff, but I could not care less. It is a crowd pleaser and any leftovers become chicken salad.
          FYI, after rolling the lemons on the counter I use the business end of a oil thermometer to preforate the lemons as the therm. is sharp and round, making better holes than using a knife.