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Nov 1, 2003 02:07 AM

Best place to buy a steak in L.A.?

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A friend of mine is recovering from a recent illness and has been put on a high protein, very low fat diet. So, I thought, for her birthday, what better gift to give her than steak? But where can I buy the tastiest, yet leanest piece of meat in LA? And what cut should I buy?

In perusing prior posts, I came across Harvey's Gus and the two butchers in the farmer's market. Any thoughts? Also, I can't for the life of me find Harvey's Gus' # in the phone book so if anyone has it, I would really appreciate it.


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  1. Harvey Guss Meat Co is located at:

    949 South Ogden Drive (by Olympic Blvd)
    Los Angeles, CA
    (323) 937-4622

    If you want a lean tasty steak, buy either a filet mignon or a New York Strip. In my opinion, a rib eye steak is the tastiest but it is not as lean as a filet mignon.

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      Just had a prime t-bone from Guss and it was superb. This place is really great. If you tell Harvey you want it lean, I'm sure he'll get it for you. The man knows his beef.

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        I like both the Marconda's and Harve Gus. Harve Gus is not a shop--call him in advance and he'll have it ready for you. Cash only.

    2. The place at the Farmer's Market is Marconda and they have excellent product. I had their dry-aged Prime Porterhouse the other night and it was mind-blowing. They also sell some meat that is known as Piedmont beef -- it's supposed to be very tasty and very low in fat. They are one of the only places around that carries this. The guys who work there couldn't be more helpful.

      FYI, a New York cut (or strip), while not as fatty as rib eye, is one of the fattiest (ie. flavorful) cuts you can buy. If fat is really a concern you should think filet mignon (quite tender) or, a far better value, top sirloin.

      Marconda's Meat Market
      (323) 938-5131

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      1. re: Fidelixi

        i second the rec. for marconda's. the guys behind the counter are all cool cats, and the steaks i have bought there (bone in prime rib, porterhouse, filets) have all been excellent!

          1. re: kel

            I buy meat at Marconda's and it's awesome.

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              Marconda carries my favorite value cut, the flat iron steak. I haven't checked around too many places, but they seem to be one of the few who actually make the effort to provide this cut.

        1. also, keep in mind i think you have to call Harvy Guss a day before and place your order.

          1. I've been buying prime steaks at Costco lately. The NY strips are wonderful, even after they've been frozen. About $35 for 4 good sized steaks. They had some amazing looking ribeyes, but that definitely has too much fat. They also had prime sirloin, but I use that for grinding into hamburger because it's a little tough to eat as steak.

            1. Not sure what part of town you're in, but if the SGV is convenient to you I highly recommend Alexander's Prime Meats inside of Howie's Ranch Market.

              Howie's Ranch Market
              6580 N San Gabriel Blvd
              San Gabriel, CA 91775
              (626) 286-6767

              Otherwise, yes: Harvey Guss or Marconda are great and Costco can really come through from time to time.

              Howie's Ranch Market
              6580 N San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA