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Oct 22, 2008 05:51 PM

New menu at Z Food&Drink, Manchester NH

Great dinner at Z couple of nights ago. Tom has rolled out a new fall menu--the duck meatballs with pappardelle were delicious, and the braised veal cheeks were sublime. If you like pork belly, the app version is worth a detour. They've gotten rid of the TV over the bar--big improvement. This is grown-up dining in Manchester, in my opinion, much better than Cotton.

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    1. Mmmm... pork belly...

      I'm a big fan of Z, can't wait to get back -- the SO and I have been trying to hash out where to dine out next time we're in town. Due to job relo, we don't dine out in Manchester as often as we once did. Thanks whs, this bulletin should make things easier!

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        Sounds good, we'll have to go back, we've been a couple of times and I enjoyed it......too bad the seats are so uncomfortable!

      2. Thanks WHS, I love this place too but only been once. I'll need to get in there to try out the new menu items. I think I like the ambiance better at Cotton, but the food a bit better at Z - it's much more creative and different (something I love)

        1. I loved the sashimi fish tacos, but they did not give you nearly enough tuna or salsa so you end up with lots of other fillers, and a tiny amount of tuna. For $12 I expected more than a tablespoon of chopped tuna. It was tasty, just left me unsatisfied. I am going to give them another try with the new menu.

          1. Has anybody had a chance to try their Fall Tasting Menu?

            I'll be up in Manchester next month and was contemplating it, as I'll be there on a Tuesday night needing a dining option (either that or the City Flame Smokehouse...tough choice, IMO).

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            1. re: Jeremy01506

              I might be in Manchester on Sat. and had planned on trying Richard's in the early evening. Do both places have nice/fun bar areas? Where would you go for a good cocktail and a small bite as a solo diner?

              1. re: Joanie

                Well, Joanie, you've done good research; If I were recommending a sit-down dinner in Manchester to a Boston chowhounder, Richard's and Z would be my top two picks.

                But your specific circumstances make it an easy decision... For flying solo, Z gets my nod. They've got a small (5-6) seat bar that I'd imagine would be a inviting for a solo diner, while Richard's -- while excellent -- seems like it would come across as a bit of a colder environment... plus, I'm not sure if they even have a "bar", rather than a service bar where drinks are assembled.

                Moreover, if you appreciate a good cocktail you might be in for a pleasant surprise at Z. The last time I spied the bar there, they had some telltale signs of good cocktail making: baby Sazerac rye, a really solid selection of gins, and even multiple bottles of assorted bitters... not sure what they've been doing with them, as I didn't see them on the drink list. But, if you go, please let us know if there's finally a place north of Boston that "gets it" when it comes to making a mean drink; I'll have to make it back post-haste when I'm back during Thanksgiving weekend!

                P.S. The next time you're headed for the Queen City, bring a friend or three to help you tackle the legendary bread basket at Richards!

                Z Food & Drink
                860 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101

                Richard's Bistro
                36 Lowell St Ste 1, Manchester, NH 03101

                1. re: AbeFroman

                  We were there about a month ago and they have a new cocktails menu that features some modern takes on classic ingredients, including the use of egg whites--remember the Pink Lady?