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Oct 22, 2008 05:39 PM

what's good in Park Slope?

I just moved to park slope and so far the only places that I have eaten are Tacos Nuevo Mexico (good for what it is - I really like mole poblano and Latin food in general) and Al Di La (great and a little bit more my speed) What else should top my list of places to check out? naborhood staples and hidden treasures?

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  1. I would start you off with Stone Park Café, Palo Santo, Convivium Osteria, and Rose Water. I'd be surprised if you didn't love at least three of those four. "Hidden gems" is trickier since the Slope is full of chowhounds & good new places don't go undiscovered. Plus you're getting into a realm of wild subjectivity. Nevertheless I'd mention Ghenet, an Ethiopian place less well known because it's on 4th Ave. and Canaille, a French place overlooked by many because it's tiny.

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      Excellent suggestions. I'd add Melt, Applewood, Miriam, Helio's for great burgers, Greek spreads and terrific pita. There are others. Do a search of this board.

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        Have you tried the Tuesday prix-fixe special at Melt? I've been curious about it for awhile, but 5 courses for $25 seems too good to be...well, good.

        Back on topic: Seconding Palo Santo (one of the best and most affordable tasting menus I've had in the city). Little D for brunch (haven't been there for dinner yet but been meaning to).

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          I'm surprised Melt doesn't get mentioned more often by chowhounders. Maybe it's because we generally go on tuesday for the tasting menu but I'm a big fan and its certainly a great value. I think the chef is very creative and assertive with flavors which makes the tasting menu on tuesday a lot of fun (and they do wine pairings for $20). I'd say its definitely worth a try- some nights have been better than others but a lot of interesting stuff going on there.

          To the OP, I generally agree with most of the recs so far. My personal favorites are Convivium, Al di la, Franny's, and Moutarde for brunch.

    2. Applewood -- the best high-end food in Brooklyn

      Convivium Osteria -- One of the coziest wine cellars in NYC

      Blue Ribbon -- Always, ALWAYS dependable

      Five Guys -- Not gourmet, but a great value and sometimes just hits the spot. Seriously.

      Al Di La -- You've been, but yeah, just amazing pasta again and again

      Rose Water -- Pretty seriously dedicated to local and organic. New chef recently so I can't quite comment on the food.

      Franny's -- The best "gourmet" pizza in NYC.

      Bonnie's -- Burgers. Just a hair more upscale than Five Guys. Some love it, some... don't. Personally, I prefer Five Guys.

      Chocolate Room -- A lovely place for dessert when you want to draw the evening out.

      Song -- The best Thai in the neighborhood, not that that's saying much. :-/

      Little D -- Only been once but was astounded at how good it was. Have heard the same from trusted friends.

      Wow. I thought I would have been able to name more places I like or love in Park Slope.


      1. I'd like to add Moim to the list, on Garfield.

        1. I would personally avoid all the above mentioned places and just go to Al Di La. It is so far superior it cannot even be listed in the same context, IMO.