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Oct 22, 2008 05:14 PM

Best restaurant for dining alone

What's the best restaurant for dining alone? My best dinners to date have been the bar at Babbo and Nobu. What's as good or better both for food and ease for dining alone.

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  1. Danny Meyer restaurants provide a great bar solo dining experience. He prides himself on serving solo diners well.

    1. sushi yasuda.
      at the bar, in front of yasuda is pretty good.
      esca at the tiny bar for lunch or dinner is a hoot.

      1. Ditto to Danny Meyer restaurants although I heard rumors that you can't get the normal menu at the bar at Eleven Madison Park. They have (had?) a separate menu.

        Also, I might try Otto, Degustation, Momofuku Ssam Bar, Casa Mono...

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          As an out of town visitor, I ate solo at Eleven Madison at the restaurant last night. I didn't feel awkward eating alone, the food and service were excellent, the room is charming, and I found myself watching the "service ballet" : a lot of attractive people carefully carrying a lot of plates and bottles and other goodies to the tables. I enjoyed myself and was surprised near the end of my dinner when my waiter brought me a large Riedel glass of red wine compliments of the table next to me. The host of that table, a distinguished European gentlemen who warranted an extended personal visit from the chef, had noticed that I was by myself and wanted to make a small gesture to ensure that I had a pleasant evening, and walked over to toast me. I learned later that he was Georg Riedel of Riedel Glas, hence the choice of wine glass. Even without that final touch I would recommend Eleven Madison for a solo diner.

          And Yasuda at the sushi bar as well as recommended above.