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Oct 22, 2008 04:21 PM

Swanky midtown lunch for co-worker's 30th

My co-worker (whom, by the way, I'm totally sweet on -- and he knows it AND it's mutual) is having his 30th birthday tomorrow.

I'd like to take him somewhere for lunch in Midtown (we work at 48th and 6th) where we can have a few glasses of wine and a niiiiiiice meal, under an hour and a half.

Help. My love life may depend upon it.

(No pressure.)

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  1. Yikes. Tomorrow? What about Bar Room at the Modern? The London Bar? Le Bernardin? db bistro moderne?

    1. Town (8 blocks away) has tables for two at 12:30pm and 1:30pm via, but 90 minutes might be cutting it close.

        1. I love the food at Aquavit, but the dining rooms are a bit too spare and Spartan to be romantic, IMO. Town is darkish, swanky, with ceilings so high you want to huddle together with the rest of your table -- but as PlomeekSoup mentions, you'll want to tell them you need to be out in 90 minutes or else the lunch will a very. long. time.

          I'm a fan of the Bar Room at the Modern or, if you could swing a reservation on such short notice, the Dining Room (less romantic, probably, since it's much brighter; but couples tend to be seated at tables against the walls, side to side, so you'd be able to ever so romantically rub elbows). The food is better in the Dining Room, but the Bar Room's more relaxed. The staff will leave you alone if you want to take a long time, but is generally pretty good at getting you out within a given period of time.

          If you dont' mind being one of the few diners in my newest find, Grayz, it does a really lovely lunch with surprisingly great food and good service. GREAT cocktails, decent wine list. Dark enough to be romantic. The most unromantic thing about the place is really the fact that it's relatively undiscovered and there aren't generally that many people in the restaurant, so the wait staff can be slightly hovery. If you sit in the back, where there are two couches somewhat obscured from view, that might solve this problem.

          Good luck. =)

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            cimui, I completely agree about Grayz! You could quite likey snuggle and sip wine without too much chance of other co-workers or associates showing up.

            Though the most unromantic thing abou it when I was there was the table of 4 60+ women having a very long "ladies who lunch" sort of an afternoon. Then again...I want to be them when I grow up :-)

            The short rib croque moisseur was divine.