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Oct 22, 2008 03:18 PM

What are you eating in Pittsburgh?

Hey people, we were doing good there for awhile but the posts about Pittsburgh dining is slacking. So where have you been lately that is worth mentioning?

I tried Wei Wei in Bloomfield on Liberty for the first time. It was good. Mongolian Beef, General Tso, Fried Wontons with Garlic Sauce, Steamed Dumplings, and the egg rolls were delicious. The review in the CP said the lemongrass wontons were good, they aren't. Overall, much better than any chinese place i've had yet in Pittsburgh.

Mike and Tony's, Pizza Sola, Thai Me Up, Thai Cuisine, Church Brewery, and JP's (Cafe Davio) continue to satisfy me but I want to know you everyday eats and what you have had lately that you think we are all missing out on.

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  1. I mentioned 17th St. Cafe in another thread, which was very good. But that was a business dinner. For leisure dining, we haven't been "out" to eat in a couple of months.

    Other than getting a Harry's pie about every other week, the only non-home-cooked food we've enjoyed was from Pittsburgh BBQ on Banksville on Sunday. They were closing (actually, they'd already been closed for 20 minutes but left the 'open' sign on, turning it off just as I was parking). But they were extremely accommodating. They had a rack and half they were just wrapping up for the fridge. They sold it to me for the price of a regular rack. The only side left was slaw due to the time, but those ribs were pretty tasty - and enough for two meals for two.

    1. I've been out to Monroeville a couple of times recently and always stop at Denunzio's for pizza when we're in the neighborhood. I'm a fan of the pizza, the pasta is so-so. I just had lunch at Thai Place on Walnut St., like it for lunch but find it too expensive for dinner.

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        Not new, but I still like the Silk Elephant" on Murray for Thai. I don't know from "authentic" but I like it.

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          I've never been there but walk by it all the time on my way to Murray Ave. Grill. I'll have to try it.

      2. Lately:

        Dish for drinks. We sat at the bar and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the attentive bartender. The by the glass wine list was so so but a bruschetta app was outstanding. I look forward to returning here for dinner. We were told the corkage fee is $15.

        Abay for dinner. I went here with a group of four and we sat at one of the small 'authentic' tables. We ordered a sampler platter that consisted of four different dishes (2 meat, 2 veg). I thought everything was well prepared and interesting. To note, the platter was sufficient but not huge and some members of the group complained of still being hungry as we left. (Although I suspect they just hadn't eaten as much b/c some items were a bit foreign to them, etc). However, I felt the prices were reasonable, the food definitely approachable, and I love the BYO. I would like to return here or possibly try Tana (sp?) and compare.

        Casbah for drinks. I always enjoy meeting friends here. Nice bar area. Enjoyed some complimentary almonds with rosemary and salt at the bar.

        Lidia's for dinner. Pasta trio for me. I don't know if I have ever had anything else. A la carte it is $16 - I think this is very reasonable. I love the pork ragu.

        Saturday in the strip - While watching an episode of 'Diners, Drive Ins, and DIves', the BF and I were surprised to see a place called 'Crystal's' located 'in the strip district of Pittsburgh' chronicled. They showcased grape leaves and some other Greek inspired dishes. We had never heard of this place before. So we head to the strip a few saturdays ago, park in our usual lot near Benkovitz and trek down (its located on about 12th, so we are talking the outskirts of the strip). Closed! I am assuming the place is not closed for good but just appeared to be shut down on Saturdays - maybe more of a lunch place during the week or something? Very dissappointing. However, we ended up eating at Enrico's. I had been in the bakery before, sampled the biscotti, seen the little alley - but never wondered down....but I am glad I finally did! Amazing almost calzone like sandwiches, hearty beans and greens. They (or someone they are affiliated with?) is also now producing wine. We sampled a red table wine. It was decent.

        Pizza Sola- can we confirm that the quality of the pizza is not the same after 1am? Still tastes divine but just not the same. Also, how are 2 slices somehow $9? I feel like it cannot cost that much regulary. Oh well. I will return and continue to be taken advantage of after a few drinks.

        On the radar:

        Gypsy Cafe, Azul, Dozen Cupcakes Bakeshop, Vanilla Pastry Studio....also looking forward to this new Wine Loft place in southside works and Kevin Sousa's new place......

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        1. re: shadysider023

          Not long on time but in the past month these have been in the rotation:

          1. Tessaro's
          2. Rose Tea Cafe (amazing kim chi shrimp - especially if you ask for it sauteed and not in hot pot)
          3. Enrico's on Ellsworth (terrific veal shank)
          4. Richard Chen
          5. Chaya
          6. Aiello's (try a vegetable roll - like a pepperoni roll but with thin sliced zucchini, peppers and mushrooms - really tasty)
          7. Mexico City (Wood St)

          Does anybody know anything about the new place in Bloomfield - Sausalido?

          1. re: meatmaster

            Smiling Banana Leaf is a fairly new Thai restaurant on Bryant St . in Highland Park and is quite good.

        2. We've been to a few good places the last month:

          Cafe Zinho
          R2 (the other Red Room) - they are back to their old menu
          Shady Grove (great now that is is non-smoking)
          Big Mamas

          Really want to try Legume, Mio, Smiling Banana Leaf

          1. I'm new to chowhound and thought I'd throw out some suggestions:
            Colangelo's for lunch
            Gran Canal
            CC's in Sharpsburg
            Lunardi's in Beechview
            Aladdin's - decent for the price